Friday, April 07, 2006

Bouncing Back

A full working week and I am still drowning in 'catch-up'. Oh well.
One of the first casualties has been my daily reading of all the
newspapers, magazines and online newsletters. And without subject
matter to get blogged up about, I think my blogging will be sparse
for a while.

Anyway, by way of an interim upbeat note to tide us over, let me
share this lovely cartoon I have just had from one of my many fellow
'Less Than Ideal' Home exhibitors, who found my adventures quite
amusing, obviously. She was one of the wonderful few who actually
tried to make my experiment with cap collection work. Unsurprisingly,
she was also a source of continual inspiration throughout the show
with her good humour and bounding energy. No wonder her nickname is

I won't include the inside, but it's a lovely play on the Ideal Home
'strapline' of 'For me it's all about shopping', where all of us had
our own versions of 'For me its...'