Thursday, October 08, 2009

PROF'S POSER - Long & slow or on, off and up?

First really nippy day of the year.

Well, this morning.

Now, with the sun... glorious.

Missus well happy at the 7am central heating kick-of and blissfully unaware that it goes off at 9am until 5pm, when it kicks in again until bedtime.

I noticed, at around 10am. Hence the jummy.

Thing is, am I doing the right thing?

As with the immerser, is it better to have it on all day, albeit 'ticking' over, or have two bursts to top and tail the day?

What is best for the overall thermal performance of a thick stone-walled building?

Not to mention....

...oh go on then.. reuse!

UK losing £650m a year by binning and burning waste

Even less impacting on the environment. doesn't require the public to work free for others/targets/bonusses, can save oodles of munny and... is well fun!

What goes up , might not be a downer

Well, not as much of one.

What, exactly, makes a rocket fuel environmentally friendly?

I think, as with many headlines, adding an 'er' might be more accurate.

But any step in the right direction must be welcome.

At least it seems a tad more credible than some of the claims made by such as Virgin Galactic (and which have attracted a few eyebrow cranks of mine).

Exploration is necessary, so mitigating the consequences is the best option.