Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Don't try this at home

While there was much that was frustrating about the Ideal Home show,
one thing that was wonderful was the sheer number of lovely folk I
met, especially fellow stand mates. Most were 'vets', and seemed to
do this for a living. I have to admire them, as the experience was
enough to put me off for ever (bar the next two we are doing,
ironically, at the same location. At least they are only a few days

In addition to morale-boosting exchanges of drinks and snacks, I was
touched at the number of little gifts that came my way.

One such was a craft book that I was given by Joy, a wholly
remarkable lady who was presenting 10-8, every day, pretty much 7/7
for the entire month... at 76 years of age (pix above)!

Having had a chance to read it, we were very amused at the first
entry: Fun things to do with Asbestos! What was remarkable was the
date of printing: 1969. Amazing to think that this was still deemed a
craft material as recently as that! Good job we invested a lot in our
disclaimers and T&Cs. Who knows what next will turn out to be a no-no
to use at home