Friday, December 02, 2005

Errors of Omission

I think we need, and hence have the facility, to edit out pretty much anything that goes on our pages, be it incorrect editorial, a dodgy diRE:ctory entry or unacceptable Forum post. 

However, and especially with the latter, it would need to be quite extreme. It must be accepted that in defining what 'extreme' is  means we are obviously applying our values, so we are of course casting our spin on everything. I guess you just accept that by coming here, and really it is fair enough that we have that right.

Just as it is for another publication not to choose to publish something they have been sent, though it can be frustrating when it is by invitation and, in the case of online, there can be no real excuses 'for lack of space'.

However, I have to take slight issue with the wording of the Daily Mail online section when it says 'No comments have so far been submitted. ' They are incorrect. On the matter of the PM's energy speech (as opposed to the disruption of it) I did reply. They just choose not to put it up. And that, in light of the wording above (and how you interpret the perceived lack of response)... is very different.