Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jumping through the oops

I have many abiding memories of my days in the ad world. Not all of
them good.

One high (well, low) on the list was looking at acres of
freshly-printed, palleted brochures all heading off to the recyclers
(or, in those days, more likely the incinerator) because the client guy
who briefed us didn't mention to the guy up and slightly to the left of
him in the pecking order what he had commissioned. Hence, what was once
approved now was not. And in fact all trace had to be eradicated...

Which is why I love websites. I especially love our website because we
can pretty much do what we like with it. And change is but a matter of
moments, depending on the availability, skill and experience of the
necessary writers and designers. Those factors also have a bearing on
cost, too. But at least one is not looking at vast wastes of printed
material as well.

You can whip stuff out. Or you can pop some stuff in.

Last week we had a 'bit of a do'. For reasons not yet exactly clear, we
got some rather nice coverage in a rather useful weekly e-newsletter
publication from London Community Recycle Network

(thanks guys.. here's a little return favour:

Trouble was, the coverage was about something we're still finalising and had yet to post on site.
It was therefore with some relief that we were able to whip up a quick
'patch' to at least let any who clicked on know we were on the case.
Can you imagine matching that in hard copy print??

And yesterday we were in deep discussion with our nice IT guys

( )

who have convinced us use the imminent introduction of our newsfeed from adfero


to let them have a crack at the homepage and at least some of the subsequent
navigation to make the concept of easier to 'get' right away.
Plus we're looking at some serious fun functionality to make the site
even easier to understand and engage with. As we're racking up the roll
out, this will need to be.. soonish.

Exciting times. So... watch this space... well, backspace and look at
the one to the left.

ps: We've looked out of the window and decided to go camping again. If
we find a site (spontaneity is all) we'll be overnighting, so maybe no
blog tomorrow).