Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go figure

It's a list. In a paper. Of the top 100 enviromentalists.

The IoS Green List: Britain's top 100 environmentalists

If they (who?) say so. Fills a page or two, I guess.

I wonder what the criteria were? Volume? Being in (or luvv'd) in London? Applying mine of achieving better enviROI does come up with a rather different result.

I know more, doing more, within 20 miles of here.

ps: No 99. I think it's a water butt? But, then again, maybe not.


But just when you thought the trendy luvvie media had lost the green plot...

20 great green designs

Some are great. So I am just glad this is not claiming the best. Give 'em time, mind.

Department Next

Ed Miliband, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, has his work cut out

Interesting analysis, but the replies are worth a scope.