Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not very social networking

If you take a gander over to the RHS Nav Bar of the blog (or here), you'll see a few social networks I've hooked into.

Especially following the competition, not that I have actually had a chance to do anything about it all yet, with a 'Here's One I RE:made Earlier' Group on FaceBook.

What you don't see is the MySpace equivalent.

I tried... hard... but it didn't seem to work. So I gave up. Plus I was getting a lot of friend requests on my personal from nice ladies in Eastern Europe.

So I guess I erred FaceBookwards.

A pity, but this might explain why it's headed this way:

MySpace to axe two-thirds of global workforce

I won't ditch it, but in a world of priorities, and time poverty, you go where the biggest bang for the buck is.

COMPETITION - Finish Diamond Standard Innovation Challenge

WHEN: Deadline July 16
WHAT: Finish Diamond Standard Innovation Challenge
WHAT... MORE?: From the site:

The challenge Looking for your ideas for an innovative product to make life easier in the kitchen. The Challenge is being led by world-renowned chef and culinary innovator, Heston Blumenthal, who – as in his role as head judge - will decide the winner along with an expert panel. The Prize You could win a £10,000 cash prize courtesy of Finish and see your very own kitchen innovation produced by Lakeland – in total a package worth an estimated £50,000. You’ll work with Lakeland to develop the design and help bring your innovation to market, receive royalties from future sales, and you’ll benefit from extensive business support and publicity. Ten finalists will be invited to attend a judging event in London in August 2009, where you’ll pitch your design to the judging panel. Four runners up will receive £1,000 worth of Lakeland vouchers and a year’s supply of Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets. Judges Alongside Heston, the judges include Dr Paul Pankhurst, the CEO and Chairman of British Design Innovation; Rosie Nagra, Finish Marketing Manager; and Wendy Miranda, Customer Ambassador of Lakeland. HOW MUCH: FREE!!!
URL: http://www.finish.co.uk/competition_start.php
COMMENTS: OK, this is not, at first blush, that eco.... but it could be! I for one am thinking of sending in 'RE:tie' for them to chew on. Not a hope in heck of winning, but it can't hurt to get on the radar. Then there is simply bending one's mind around other eco-notions that could apply kitchen-wide.

I have not gone through the t&cs in detail as yet, so be cautious. Not quite sure what 'a total package worth...' means, and the royalties on sales might need the Dragon's Den treatment before signing.

As to the enviROI's of washing in the sink vs. Dishwashers, and using chemicals that end up in the waste stream... another story (worthy of a Prof's Poser soon. And it looks like I had already been pondering).

For now... any publicity be good publicity.

IDEA - Cup stack holder

After a nightmare period with site glitches, it's great to see another really nice, simple idea up there that we can add to the competition (which I am thinking of extending for another month as I have really done zippy to help promote during June so far thanks to being so distracted on personal stuff).

Good job there are other judges who will vote 'blind' (I am there as casting), but this is in with a chance as far as I am concerned, especially as the entrant is a 'tween': Cup stack holder