Monday, July 11, 2005

Ready, aim... fizzzzzzz...pfft

Now here's the thing. I am not the biggest fan of targets for targets' sake, and Lord knows our little enviro-arena seems to have more than a village funfair. But to help you assess if you are aiming in the right direction, and actually hitting close to the mark, they are kinda useful. So I wasn't overly encouraged to read that the 'G8 [are] to agree [with] the need for climate action but no targets. That smacks a bit of me telling my twins that it's good to go for them to bed early, but I'm off and would they please put the lights out when they eventually decide to go.

I'm getting less and less inclined to read, listen or generally engage in any way with the myriad talking shops that exist to shunt highly paid delegates around the world, whose only function is to have meetings on where their offices will be, how many staff they'll need and how the index-linked, benefits structure is to be guaranteed. Oh, and when the next meeting should convene, 5 star exotic hotel availability permitting. This only creates an empire-building culture and navel gazing to the detirment of actually doing something.