Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The short and long of it

I'm a glutton. No sooner do I recover from the disappointment of the big idea heats hurdle fall than I get all excited by the next award that I really have a hamster in a shredders chance (for those not reading the daily eco-pages of the tabloids, one did survive, so I'm hedging my bets) of winning.

However, in my guise as a designer, and with the obvious need to get back to the day job to earn a crust to keep junkk.com in the limelight, I entered this rather dubiously-named effort: Designers Are Wankers

And lo, it seems I am on the shor... long list. Not quite six of nine (how Next Generation is that?) but better than not being on the list. And with £5k in the kitty, well worth a goat sacrifice or two.

Even nearer...

No, not a diatribe against food miles. Though, mind you...

Anyways, Junkk.com maintains its roller-coaster ride of fortunes and emotions, and after the major downer of the weekend's end, it's nice to be able to sahre a nice upward turn again.

A wee while ago I read about a new website called Green & Easy. Nice name, nice site, nice people and... nice and near!

Becuase it turns out they are just up the road, and I am not long back from a lovely morning in the company of David and Jackie. And as it turns out they read my blog... hi guys!

All we really did was chat as neighbours, but I am hopeful that soem synergies may evolve. There really are few areas of overlap between us, and we even agreed that if there were areas where we might be seen to be competitive, then so what... it's all making the green cause stronger!