Monday, September 28, 2009


Inspired by a BBC Breakfast news item that was less than considered... or helpful, I have decided to note anything that actually helps those who are keen and might benefit from such a process.

I think it's a great idea in principle, but actually have doubts on many in terms of enviROI on top of simple matters of practicality. Most issues would be addressed by engaging public cooperation, but that is true of so much in the green arena.

I question an empty lane with few cars moving, creating a reduced number of others burning up fuel while stationary.

The secret seems to be to get people to share effectively. Not plonk idealistic initiatives in place and fine those who do not.

BBC - Car-sharing cameras to be tested

Addendum - It's odd, but I often find so-called 'petrolheads', invited to comment one presumes because they will offer a contrary view to any eco-initiatives, are often pretty well-informed and capable of quite objective feedback. One such is Quentin Willson, who I just saw on this issue, and frankly he was more balanced than the frothy govt.-babe or the AA-harrumpher.

And though it is not yet active, I have in mind a scheme of my own using's localisation capability, so I'll list other sites that might yet be of use, to be added to as found in my files, stumbled across... or told of. Yet another 'rainy day' project.

DFT - Ruth Kelly opens first motorway car share lane
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Direct Gov - NEW - Car sharing and car clubs
DoT - Essential Guide to Travel Planning


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carshare - kind of makes any others I list redundant! However... - - - - another summary. Which makes this a suummary of summaries, I guess - Canada -
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