Sunday, November 18, 2007

Less is more?

No one said it would be easy. Tackling the fossil fuel juggernaut

'So here, as Australians say, is "the big ask"' Also I had thought, what the FoE has been 'saying' for a while too, surely?

Personally, I think we need a lot fewer folk telling us (and blowing bazillions down a green hole) what to do, and a lot more working on actual tangibly THINGS to help fewer emissions go up and away.

And while no one denies the media has a role to play, I think they need to get their own house in order right away by way of example. Report Bali for sure, but not like some blooming celeb pop concert, with a row of talking heads for each programme demographic. Get one, decent, informed, trusted correspondent, and then let them cover it all... in depth.

Ruthless is as Ruth doesn't

Just watched the Andrew Marr Show (why isn't it just Sunday Morning?) with our Transport Secretary.

Usually not the most tenacious or probing of interviewers, Mr. Marr tried (though failed) valiantly to get her to answer a single question on the odd disconnect on what her boss (and various colleagues) say about climate change and how to cure it, and what is going on.

My favourite was his pointed question (and her wishy-washy non answer) about carbon trading with our EU partners.

Seems the plan is that we fly more and more and some Czech farmer doesn't, and then does something to make up. That'll work.