Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Know your [insert relevant noun here]

Prey? Enemy? Target? In most forms, not my favourite group.

Can the lobbyists be stopped?

And to know 'em, is to, well, know 'em.

Some interesting replies already. Mine:

A register. That'll do it.

Just like not requiring a DoB on a CV will prevent ageism-related employment practices.

Gotta love the notion that if it's on paper it can't be circumvented in a millisecond in other ways.

Guardian - Confusing politics with science - I was looking for a place to stick this. As the word is used, I guess here'll do. As well as noting the public interest possibly not being served by most 'sides' arguing over our futures. At least a few in the thread see that being 'right' doesn't mean diddly if the public doesn't get on board.

Interesting, but...

I stumbled across this en route to another piece.

Long hours and obsession with minutiae. No 10's private man

It could so easily have been passed over as yet another in the endless series of chatterati-calls drones we get subjected to these days, but my eye alighted on the first 'example' cited - 'whether the government should impose a deposit on bottles of soft drinks and beer, to encourage people to return them.'

Sadly, I for now remain none the wiser. It is to be hoped that, at some stage, an answer, and a good decision, may ensue. But maybe a newer process will take precedence over actually delivering any result. Another POOR - Show (Process Over Obvious Result, mainly for show). It seems to be a trend.