Thursday, August 07, 2008

Great. Now we've got past how it looks, maybe we can look at what still needs DOING!

Suddenly being green is not cool any more

Not that this has sunk into the thick, superficial skulls of the majority of most media reporters or columnists.

All These Green Taxes And Rules Are Just Witless Nods To Fashion

Sticks and stones... and degrees... and QEDs

I usually steer clear of the whole CC thing, but this caught my attention: Planning for the worst

First up there was the 'planning for' vs. 'avoiding' shift (albeit with an inevitability slant), but also the first line resonated: 'Just like blades, phrases can be blunted by overuse. Talk of avoiding "catastrophic climate change" is so familiar, the words no longer instantly stir up apocalyptic images. '

All, sadly, true. And one must wonder why.

Even more sadly, I tended to skip through the SOSO text in a pretty cursory manner, and then alighted on the comments in reply, of which this was the first: 'I see the climate change 'denier' nutters are on here as usual.'

And so I gave up. QED.