Thursday, August 23, 2007

This will make you smile somewhat

From the ever informative Anorak site - a link to a cut down version of a TV advert for the USA's first offshore wind farm. Yep, though it may be difficult to believe, that does say first!!

And Senator Kennedy is trying to stop it - something about obscuring his view!

Worth the thirty seconds or so it takes to watch.

Ready. Aim.. er, who gets fired, again?

Although I loathe most targets as the box-ticking wastes of resource they can be, I can see the need for measures. But what is the point of them if there are almost no consequences to their being met. Or not? UK 'may miss 2020 target for CO2'

'Ministers rejected the think tank's claims for several years before finally conceding it was correct.'

I can think of a few ways to save money and do some stuff that may actually help.

Indy - Britain 'miles away' from hitting targets on carbon emissions - Make that 'will miss, I guess'. Standby by for some major bonus-protecting measures from those in charge that will be designed to meet targets if not actually help the planet.

Indy - A mountain awaits the Climate Tsar - Great, the big solution is to create a new job. And how many 'Tsars' can you think of that achieved diddly?

A little bit more on the side?

In view of the notion that spending a fortune whacking and then promoting a selection of diverse labels on the side of our packs will inform, educate and persuade us to deal with our consumer goods more environmentally, this is worth considering: Food labels 'hoodwink' shoppers

Sweet. Or, should I say, 500g/kg serving fructose.

Arctic ice cover hits new record low

A little while back there were several predictions that this year the annual summer melt would mean that the arctic ice cover would reach a new record low. This from the BBC on August 13th is one such report.

As of the 16th August, the ice cover had already retreated to what was its previous record minimum extent. See these dramatic images from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Now, as of the 22nd August, it is "currently tracking at 4.92 million square kilometers (1.89 million square miles), already below the 2005 record absolute minimum of 5.32 million square kilometers (2.05 million square miles)"; and there are still perhaps 4 to 6 weeks of melting to go yet!

No wonder the Arctic gold (Oil) rush seems to have already begun!

And its getting so warm that the Innuit are now wandering around wearing T shirts and sandals! (As reported in today's Gruaniad)

Who are we gonna listen to?

Or, for that matter, understand. I share what I think is a very interesting post from Real Climate, telling as much for how they are saying it as what is said: Who ya gonna call?

To be honest it was an effort. But I detected two themes. One, the main one, was that a lot of science needs a lot of time before anything definitive can be arrived at. Fair enough.

Second, a lot of media don't want to wait that long. Sadly true.

I think one poster was suggesting therefore that to report on such things a journalist needs to be scientifically qualified, which is sweet in theory but ain't gonna happen.

But overall what do I, a poor schmo trying get through the fog to a answer, derive from this?

Not very much is the personal answer. There seems to be a lot of fiddling while Rome burns, and there are still too many who are happy to be vying for lead in the string section of the orchestra rather than grabbing the nearest fire extinguisher.