Thursday, July 28, 2011

Introducing... Junkk Male TweeView, too!

And, at present I have zero idea how I did that.

Zippy. Nada. No.... clue.

I know what it is meant to be.

I vaguely remember toying with a a few buttons on the host site.

But how the heck this epic got produced... beats me.

There appear to be topic headings I chose, and most seem pretty OK.

However it's also clear a bunch of things are getting hoovered in according to basic default settings I have never seen before.

So, Dr. Frankstein gets jiggy with Dr. Jekyll.

So long as it doesn't drop me in it, fine. Seems OK so far.

But have to say that a magazine with a bot as an editor is freaky.

One day I'll remember the passwords and figure out how to get in the back end, much less actually figure out what the thing is up to.

Still, in the absence of a Junkk Newsletter for half a year, I'll live with it for now.

With luck, there'll be food, too

As noted before, my family is a tough crowd.

Many's the time I have bounded into the living room with news of a nice bit of PR, or an award, but these days I usually get a 'Great. Well done. But... can we eat it?'

Well, this time, at least literally, eventually... yes.

There is a 'do' to go with the fact that we have secured yet another welcome award.

And I am rather hopeful, given the calibre of folk we're amongst, and where the ceremony is, there may be the opportunity to parlay this into even more of a tangible rent-paying, food-on-the-table nature.

For now, I am merely rather proud of another notch on the scoreboard that suggests that whatever we are doing, at least some nice folk agree we're still doing it quite well.

Letter from Organisers


I am delighted to confirm that you have won a Green Apple Award in connection with the above project, and I hope you will be able to join us to be presented with your trophy at the House of Commons on November 14.

You have definitely won a Green Apple Award, but we never reveal who has won exactly what until the presentation ceremony itself.

Also enclosed you will find a draft News Release to help you publicise your success up to this point.  

Once you know exactly what you have won at the House of Commons, you can once again adapt the News Release to announce your level of success; and you will find most newspapers and radio stations are keen to carry positive news about organisations doing their best to help the environment.

Please convey our congratulations to everyone connected with your award-winning project and we look forward to the pleasure of your company at the House of Commons.

Yours sincerely,
Roger Wolens

Press Release (Local use) provided by organisers (I hope they are right):

Media Advisory


TEL/FAX: 01604.810507


Eco-website and second use design advocates, based in Ross-on-Wye, have won a Green Apple Environment Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest companies, councils and communities.

They competed against more than 500 other nominations and will be presented with their Green Apple Award at a glittering presentation ceremony in the House of Commons on November 14.

As a result of this success they have been invited to have their winning paper published in The Green Book, the leading international work of reference on environmental best practice, so that others around the world can follow their example and learn from their experience.

They will also be considered to represent their country in the European Business Awards for the Environment.

The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and have become established as the country’s major recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries. 

The awards are organised by The Green Organisation, an independent, non-political, non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising and promoting environmental best practice.

Judges for the Green Apple Awards are drawn from the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Chartered Institution for Wastes Management and other independent bodies.

Peter Martin, CEO comments: ‘Beyond a great honour to be in such great company at these awards, it is also another real endorsement for the concept on top of such as the International Exhibition of Inventions Gold  Medal with Congratulations of the Jury in Geneva. And with ‘triple bottom line’ innovation on top of any ‘green business’ agenda these days, we’re hoping this award and our latest new public 'two thumbs up' consumer market research will bring RE:tie’s global potential to the attention of ethical business folk who care about 'green'... in all its forms.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Monday, July 04, 2011

When in doubt, reuse!

I have not written for a while.

So easy to say... 'so much to do; so little time'.

Not really true, but when push comes to shove, you prioritise.

For some reason I am happier in the shed (there is also the slim possibility of a money-making opportunity being created), especially with the sun shining.

And twitter seems to fit in with that better, though she is also a demanding mistress, if not a seductive, addictive drug. If a I miss a few hours' worth, I can convince myself I am missing the seam of gold I search for daily.

That is actually possibly accurate, but a route to madness.

So in penning this rather short post to an infrequent blog series (will try and keep the ideas topped up more, and hope the efforts are being noticed), I now practice what I preach and share this heartfelt posting, with which I fully empathise:

All change!

It is not easy, but it can still be worth it. But sometimes you have to look into the mirror, and after No.1.