Friday, August 01, 2008

Shorter. Cheaper. Greener

Speed Conferences - Ever Been To One?

Hold 'em on 2nd Life for free and I'm in.

I'm still plotting my revolutionary new conference format:)

Something stinks

And I think it is this:

Auctioning off the right to emit carbon dioxide is likely to net the UK government nearly €2.5bn (£2bn) over the next four years, under plans to be announced today.

Telegraph - Green light for carbon credit sale

And now I know why: 'The Government, which has said the money raised will go to the Exchequer, remains on a collision course with the EU, which has insisted that any monies raised from carbon permit trading should be used to fund projects designed to combat climate change.'

Telegraph - A windfall tax will not solve our energy crisis - 'The Treasury perennially refuses to ring-fence revenues from "green" taxes - thereby undermining its credibility.'
Just thought it was worth repeating for effect:)

Times - NEW - Gordon Brown plans ‘green tax’ on energy firms to help poor

Look out Kermit!

These are early days PR punts I'm guessing, so I won't accord them fully fledged category status as yet, but looks like your pond is a teeming fuel dump:

Indy - How to turn water into rocket fuel – scientists unlock power of the sun

Guardian - 'Oil from algae' promises climate friendly fuel

Both interesting, but also sort of focusing still on our desire to still combust, ultimately, rather than doing it less and less.

Still, it's nice to get a space story in without it being a major green eyebrow crank.

And the good news is...

'Reports'... in the BBC... about the UK government and its handling of emissions:

UK in 'delusion' over emissions

Three of my most trusted sources of objective information. At least the sources of the 'reports' are 'most trusted', but it's not clear by whom. If it is by the BBC, then that's a wee problem, as I do believe I have read their trust factor is down to single figures. As for HMG...

What on earth is a boy to make of it all?

PETITION - A lot fewer allotment spaces if we are not careful

As just received:

Please help protect green sites and request they are included in urban design. They help build community cohesion and provide a welcome retreat for wildlife habitat. Please sign and forward to fellow citizens. The petition below to the Government has only got 850 signatures and closes on 2 August - please sign and forward to all your friends - to demonstrate the breadth of support for allotments and land for growing more generally. It takes 2 seconds!

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Make it compulsory that local authorities and developers make provision for allotments and community gardens on every new development. Waiting lists are huge we need more allotment sites.'

I wish em luck. Shame the deadline means this will probably miss our next newsletter.

These petitions can be pretty hit or miss (look at my last few), and it's amazing how the deadline comes round.

AFFRONT TO NATURE - Electric Wheelbarrow

Now I know it's good to stay at home and garden.

And I know some need a little help to assist in getting out and about and around.

But this really does seem to be pushing it (sorry). £200 for a small motor that might help with pulling a tad but still needs lifting (it also looks to be about as far from the axis as it can get, too). And really, how big are most gardens and who uses a wheelbarrow that far?

Frankly beefing up the footprint of the wheel would look like it would help more for most situations I have been in.

Let the flames be... switched off?

Energy to burn

The boss of e.on. Guardian CiF posters. Who needs the Olympics?

Gaurdian - NEW - A dangerous untruth

Eastern Promise?

China can lead the way to a low-carbon economy