Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How green was my GP. And other important issues

Sector focuses on the monster task ahead

I am... temporarily... speechless.

Screw up again, and others will pay. Again

Fireman wins £100,000 in sex-bias case

Careful, it may need to be 'Fireperson', or you could get sued!

In this, rare, case, the man deserves all he got... and more.

Miss Kelly is now out of the frame, but the question on pensions is
one worth an answer (see below).

But the all the people who so mishandled this case and cost the
local taxpayer this money, along with causing Mr. Owers such pain?

All still in employ? With index-linked pensions?

Why? If you don't punish those who cause the problems, the problems
will recur.

Am I missing something?

ps; I don't expect an answer. There never is one (even from the media,
who have already moved on) . That's why it will happen again and again
and again and again....

Warp factor

Another quango? They never learn.

Au contraire. I believe 'they' learn very well. For putting up with the
few voices of protest (or, more painfully but ultimately less effective...
satire), 'they' create a bunch of servile and beholden groups who are a
few stages removed (but still know where their index-linked bread gets
its butter from), and get to play with vast sums for empire-building
(offices (head & regional), officers, boards, research, conference,
etc) first of all before they ever start on the project at hand. And before
any money gets spent on that, there is the black hole that is
'communications'. What's more warped (they know who they are) than
blowing tens of millions on telling people to do something when such
money could be invested direct from source in incentivising them?
Now, what have I missed?

The Lord-it-over-you giveth. And what geth takethaway...eth?

Fairtrade Man: day one

I don't envy the food miles carbon offset!

Now if we would all only eat stuff from halfway around the planet...

Why some get the big bucks

I was going to comment on this, but it has been 'closed' (wonder why?)

Uniting the union

Maybe, having waded through all that, it is my initial thought at reading this: 'Above all, the EU requires cooperation.'

It was 'No sh*t, Sherlock,' followed closely by 'and Gloucester Old Spots will soon be used as eco-jumbos by Virgin Atlantic.'

Shame that will only bee read here.

PR in the roar!

S'funny 'cos it's troo: Odd mix of ear ache and erotica

It's not where you live, it's... actually, it is where you live

"Internet People: How to make successful start-up'

Before even clicking on the first link, as I rather feared the first requirement looks like being 'Live in London'. Sigh.

Still, an interesting piece with some worthy advice and avenues of further investigation.


Thank you Futurescape (and Ms. J for putting us all together so nicely... and virtually)

And as what goes around... from waaaaay out West at http://www.junkk.com we are more than happy to offer anyone with a consumer product or service that helps the planet a nifty slot and promo via our free diRE:ctory and newsletter.

Web-based especially welcome (a bit of NO-COtoo saving on all that gadding about)!


It would be funny if it were not true: What is the most annoying phrase in the English language?

Anything... said by a politician these days to avoid saying, and hence being held to account for... anything.

eg: 'We're looking into it'. 'That's a good question' (before going on to not answer it but use it as a segue to a bit of waffle on safe stuff). Or, my current favourite... 'we're keen to get your views' (sometimes uttered as: we're listening').


If you're poor, ethical shopping means 9p beans

Having just read elsewhere some comments made by the NFU, and Mr. King's retort, I am not so sure it is in fact a win-win for 'everyone'.... especially the cause of helping the planet heal.

Many eco-initiatives that are proven to be effective, if only on an EnviROI (as opposed to going green without going into the red) basis, are a matter of making a conscious decisions to save the planet before the wallet.

Sadly supermarkets and their officers seem more concerned with profit and career first... and exclusively. Actual ethics only seem to kick in when the PR or CSR value is worthwhile. And a lot of media are happy to oblige them.

Telegraph - Dairy farmers warn of industry 'meltdown'
Times - Farmer's Challenge - Sounds like a quiz game!

I rather thought they have been. For a while.

But there is rather a problem with faith in toothless, old-boy or
downright lobby-phobic quangos these days.

So... to whom else is he suggesting they do this?

The purchasing munchkin with power over verbal contract
or no contract ever again, perhaps?

And, while we're at it, we'll ask all the other nasty folk around the
place to jolly well stop being beastly and play fair.

Yo! Ah,madinner'sbad! We've put out a ' noddymouse
sanctimonious fatwah. That'll see you, Jimmy!



'Close your door to the mafia tax collectors in the town hall'

I hear all you say*.

However I am unsure as to the consequences to my liberty and my family's subsequent life should I do as you say.

*especially this: 'Lambeth Council, named by the Audit Commission as one of the worst-performing authorities, is recruiting a £79,000-a-year "Director of Campaigns and Communications", the aim of whose job is to "build a lasting dialogue with our citizens". It is unlikely that any Lambeth citizens would notice if the post were to remain unfilled. Waste is endemic in local government.'