Tuesday, June 09, 2009

POOH CORNER - Careful not to leave the carbons in

I think this possibly addresses one problem but creates more...

Office Paper Recycling Machine Turns Trash Into Toilet Paper

...but at least it shows some folk are thinking about the issues. What amazes me is that such a honking great thing actually got made... for sale. And is soooo inefficient, never mind the costs.

Certainly I have had more than a few office memos that were good for only one thing.

But... are we not meant to go...paperless?

Might lead to some nasty images on the copier come the Xmas party (sorry).

GOOD PACK, BAD PACK - positives and negatives

Oh, dear, another less than positive observation.

I must still be in a bad mood. Or there really is not much to be positive about (I have press releases from the Guv and WRAP about food waste, labelling and/or energy from waste in my pending box, so here's hoping I'll find a gem or two).

Anyway, in my ongoing gallivanting I needed to get some batteries, and as I did not have several quids or access to my rechargeable stash was left with little option.

Even the stand looked odd, but when I got back and looked at the packs, a few things rather struck me:

1) Why is there a need for the 50% extra top section if they are in a custom stand? Presuming this is for other, dangly uses on top of the need to self-promo... and...

2) Why do the 8 AAA's get to squeeze in side by side, but the AA's go two by two, with all that extra spacing?