Friday, October 17, 2008

Worth a ponder or, well, four trillion

I certainly would prefer it go to some of these vs. a pol's pension or City type's bonus.

What would the bank-bail out money buy for the environment?

RE:pair - IT - Answer - Fixing a Mac monitor

Just dashing this out, having scrabbled about for answers to include in the next newsletter.

I really need a better system! And help. And...

Qu: From Junketeer Susan:

'Hi. I have a 17inch Apple monitor which has about a minute to live. Any ideas where it can go to be mended/refurbished and reused?'

Ans: You don't mention where you are located so I can only respond in general terms.

The sad fact is, of course, that repair is seldom cost effective. But that doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

For instance, here in our neck 'o the woods, Herefordshire, I have found a shop which still does just that. In fact just a few weeks ago I took in a TV (which is a CRT monitor in most ways that matter) that didn't work, and now it does. £49, done and dusted. Here's their email:

If you're not in the area then I am sure there might be a similar outfit around. Google is your friend!

You could also try any of the Mac resources from . , ,

If it is 'worse than that, it's dead, Jim', or still dying without much hope, then the best you can do is dispose. Your local council site (dump) may well have a dedicated section for this, and even a site (URL) to guide you before making the trip. This will be a one way trip to the knacker's yard, though.

One resort is of course to let another try. Hence an honest post on any one of these from may get a hit and find it's gone to a better home. No money, but a warm and fuzzy glow at least... a bit like the last time it worked as it should?;)