Saturday, November 13, 2010

Light fantastic

If it's too good to be true... rush in and worry later!

I am sure there is a downside, but just got back from FOCUS DIY with a stash of Edison screw and bayonet low energy bulbs for... 29p/ea. O, and 3 for 2, too.

I presume they will actually work, but really...

Blowing the horn for reuse

I must confess that the Vuvuzela seemed to consume a lot of plastic.

Especially in this country, where most enjoyed a limited lifespan.

Anyway, it is nice that the spirit of reuse has inspired some in the home of the Vuvuzela.

Telegraph - Leftover vuvuzelas to be reinvented as earrings

I have to say that the winning entry selected has confirmed my views on most judges.

At first I thought folk would need pretty tough lobes to swing a couple of these fellas off 'em, but apparently the notion is to saw slices along the length. Hmn.

All for thinking laterally, and no problem with a bit of extra DIY, but... really?

Purely subjective, but I would have given more credit to some of the other, and often simpler ideas.

But at least those imaginations are out there, and working furiously, worldwide.