Sunday, September 18, 2005

No fuel like an old fuel

Nothing like a bit of a do to get the camps staked out. And now we're
getting slightly over our fit of the vapours it's interesting to see
who said what when the pipe was kinked.

In the greed corner, we had the likes of our Gordo saying it's OPEC's
duty to pump up the volume. There's a good 50 years' worth more (is
that all??) and he'll be cosy on the beach with his full index linked
by then, so some other pol can pick up the tab.

In the better dead than fed corner, we have some enviro lobbies
saying that actually it's it's a good thing as we stop using our
beastly motor cars. Forget the airplanes and all the rest (though a
very sparky young guy speaking from some group/magazine - The
Ecologist? - on the BBC the other morning did seem to be making a
lot of more practical sense and points, with tax-free air fuel thing
included, than the business spokesperson who was stuck in the 'it's
very difficult to change ' groove), let's just score a point here to
keep us in conferences, because we're not for profit and there'll
always be a pension.

Actually I couldn't agree more about it being a wake-up call. Though
it possibly could have been planned out a bit better so that those of
us without access to public transport to do our jobs, etc, or the
limitless funds to absorb the costs of conducting our careers, had a
wee bit more of a chance to sort something out.

In a matter of weeks I have seen the cost of filling up my tank go a
wee bit past inflation. And it's not like I can pass the cost on to
my customers, and hence the general public. Well, not yet.

So I guess I could stop going to things like the MRW conference the
other day. But then how would I meet anyone who might want to take an
ad out on

Which means... stop?

I don't drive because I like sitting on motorways. I drive because I
have to. And as the public transport system cannot meet my needs, the
best I can do is hang on to my car until I can afford a replacement
that has an acceptable an environmental consequence.

Until then, whatever happens the government will need to maintain its
addiction to revenue, so it looks like using fossil fuels will be
treated as a luxury item. This may drive a further wedge in the
country/urban divide, as the latter tend to be better paid, and need
their 4x4s more for style than substance. It will also be a fun one
to explain to the less affluent in the electorate.