Monday, March 02, 2009

Are you.. one of us?

Stated like that... would you want to be?

Obama harnesses the green power of the crowd

I really felt like kicking back, despite a desire to support any positives. It was just all... so... smug

a movement that will battle for action on global warming

If they are rallying behind the cry of 'Global warming' I rather fear it's not the best of starts.

This has rather been discredited as a major motivator. Even the next incarnation, climate change (at least shared by Ms. Tolkan, Jesse or Jessy?), is now being scheduled by some for another incarnation.

I maintain my view that while the message may well be pretty vital, and some elected representatives seem pretty sensible, the number of unelected messengers and their often rather contradictory if not rather 'elitist' 'one of us' (at best) messages does not seem to be moving the masses terribly well.

I wonder why?

EVENT - GL - A Crash Course on Climate Change


Wednesday 18th March, 6-9pm
Tewkesbury Borough Council Offices,

Thursday 19th March, 6-9pm
Cotswold District Council Chamber,

Forest of Dean (Coleford)
Tuesday 24th March, 6-9pm
Royal Forest of Dean College,

Thurs 26th March, 6-9pm
Gloucester Guildhall,
23 Eastgate St

WHAT: A Crash Course on Climate Change
WHERE: See above
WHAT... MORE?: All you ever wanted to know about global warming but were afraid to ask
If the science is so certain, why do so many people remain unconvinced? How will climate change affect the UK and the rest of the world? Can it be stopped and who should do it?

All answered with a recipe mixing expert knowledge, group discussion and pair work. Featuring scientists with a gift for communication and popular climate change journalists, George Monbiot and Mark Lynas, these experts guide participants through the issues with short video presentations. Leave feeling inspired and confident with a personal strategy for tackling climate change.

HOW MUCH: Not Free, sadly.
£12 for individuals (concessions available),
£24 charities and local authorities,
£35 businesses.

COMMENTS: I might try and attend but that entry fee is a tad steep on top of the journey.

See no poverty or waste... presto... it doesn't exist!

Rubbish police to patrol Madrid streets

She sounds a sweetheart.

'Countering criticisms that she was punishing the poor, Ms Botella said: “I refuse to live in a society where I must accept that people rummage in rubbish for food.”'

Well, yes, I can see how it must be better that it goes to waste. Or doesn't she want to 'accept' that either.

Funny it's a 'conservative' council. I wonder how the various establishment protagonists here will spin this one.

EVENT - LONDON - Ecobuild

WHEN: March 3-5,
WHAT: Ecobuild
WHERE: Earl's Court, London
WHAT... MORE?: Ecobuild is the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable design, construction and the built environment

COMMENTS: Too late; too far for me. Next year!