Thursday, May 29, 2008


Always worth starting another list:


BBC - The campaign group: Greenpeace


AWARDS - 2008 Start Up Awards

WHEN: The closing date for entries is 06 July 2008
WHAT: 2008 Start Up Awards - esp: Green Business of the Year and the Social Entrepreneur of the Year
WHAT... MORE?: The awards celebrate and reward the most outstanding new companies across the UK. They are now accepting entries from ambitious businesses that think they have what it takes to become the household brands of the future!

Previous winners have included GlassesDirect, eCourier, GoinGreen,, RTL Games, 82ASK and SportStars.

The judging panel consists of some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and business experts including Chrissie Rucker, founder, The White Company; Simon Calver, CEO, LOVEFiLM International; Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, The Black Farmer and Alan Giles, chairman, Fat Face to name just a few.
HOW MUCH: Not clear... might be free! Check URL.
COMMENTS: If it's free, why not? £5k up for grabs. Plus PR kudos, too.



RESOURCES - I know it's US, and there are more such things in the UK, but I have to kick off (:) somewhere!

Star Flaws

I'm an inventor. I like fixing things. But...

Can the ecohackers save us?

I'd really prefer we were a bit more certain of the causes of problems before we presumed to meddle with possible cures.


Yes, it's a new acronym, too: Lexicon Of Absolute Doublespeak

The Register : The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has decided not to appeal a legal ruling that it must release information on secret meetings between ministers, civil servants and lobbyists at the Confederation of British Industry.

BERR said keeping such information private would "protect the 'thinking space' necessary for good public policy formulation"

So when you don't feel like owning up to any, possibly dodgy stuff you may have been/are up to, just get out of jail free by claiming you are 'protecting your thinking space'.

Little fleas

The lobby in our house is where no one actually stays longer than they need to.

It merely a gateway to another place, offering a brief interlude between being on the inside and the outside. Hence it is merely functional, usually a bit dusty, prone to draughts and not my favourite place.

I ponder this as I stood in the lobby of the Houses of Parliament during a tour, and learned that the verb came from the noun, as this was where people sought, and seek to influence those in power.

Government ordered to disclose business lobbying on green policy

Just as there will always be politics when you have more than two folk vying for position, it is foolish to think that, where money is involved, there will no be all manner of shenanigans in trying to sway a decision. And, in a democracy, there can be no restriction on any and all people's rights to make their case.

But what I see in the name of 'lobbying' today is a complete corruption of the fair principles originally intended. As this case lays bare.

Nice one, FoE. Respec'. Mind you, it might all just drive the SOSO sods underground.

The Register - Legal blow to secret government lobbying

The Register - NEW - UK gov waves white flag on secret lobbying ruling