Sunday, June 01, 2008

Of buckets and blogs: a salty tale

This one has it all: Of buckets and blogs

Worth reading to see where we are, hwo we got here... and where it's all going.

Yo, ho, oh, sh*t.

Amazing the little things you pick up

Almost ignored this for comment: We should not let the chattering classes undermine supermarkets

Though I do have certain opinions on the 'chattering classes' and their undue influence on what the rest of us should.. and can do, being usually less financially or Metro-location (or rural second-home idylls) blessed.

But actually it was this I noted, in mostly (the motivations for improving being hardly noble) positive terms:

'Cereal boxes are notoriously oversized for their contents because manufacturers like the on-shelf advertising that large boxes give their brands. So Wal-Mart has been telling suppliers that if they cut the size of the box (which saves transport costs), they will still be given the same shelf space, which is apparently working.'

Counter argument

Fed up with too much packaging? Just leave it on the counter

Just sharing. With a small pitch for our RE:tie second use design that gives consumers a small, but tangible reason to want to keep, and reuse their packaging.

On a personal note, and accepting it is a reflection of my parenting skills, while the ripe aroma of bruised fruit and buttery croissants is a heady reminder of childhood picnics past, I rather fear it would also be more than enough to see the food in question being rejected for consumption by my kids... and many adults I can think of, too.

All I can say is think of the enviROI before engaging in the next symbolic protest.

Telegraph - There is a Plan B

Maybe we'll end up with Plan G? I must say that it struck me from the off as odd that the notion of charging for a still turtle choking bag was somehow PM-endorsingly 'better' than the reuse concepts already underway at such as Tesco (points) and Waitrose (fast-track). Good to see the Daily Mail stuck with the whole thing for, well, almost a week.

On the enviROI vs. eco (no doubting the litter/wildlife penalties) I also keep meaning to figure out how many of our 200+ bag annual bag addiction (dropping a lot, which is a result) equates in terms of actual plastic to the hordes of bottles and trays we still end up with.

For what it's worth, I have not thrown any out in several years, and in many cases am finding decent second uses for them. But where none is possible, or the space/desire exits, I fully endorse that sensible, centralised, coordinated recycling systems are essential to show this is being taken seriously, and help folk willing to do so to engage.
- Oh great, a row about who is greener than thou. Just let the poor consumer know when all the boxes at dawn have been ticked and we can find out how next we are supposed to make the world a better place for our kids. I'm thinking a summit might help... again.

MRW - The end of the shrink-wrapped coconut?

Talking from on high

I agree with sentiment, but continue to question the abilities and qulifications of those who keep telling us 'we' need to cut back.

Now is not the time to abandon our ambition to be green

Oh dear.

This, and the comments it has generated, shows that whatever the value of the message(s), the current crop of elected, appointed and/or especially self-appointed messengers seem to be less than effective in getting them across.