Monday, February 13, 2006

Pretty Much Ideal

As a subject/title line, that looks pretty positive, doesn't it? Well, let's hope it proves to be the case. But it's also a bit like the sword of Damocles as we at Junkk Towers are currently working like little Beavers to get ready for our being an exhibitor at... The Daily Mail Ideal Home Show 2006!

It really seemed too good an opportunity to miss when it was presented...oh.. all of a week ago. And it has pretty much been a blur ever since. 

Normally one would have months to prepare for such a thing. The small matter of the stand, the logistics of designing it, building it, decorating it, getting it there, staffing it, etc. And we're talking almost a solid month here... or, rather there. And when I think of how much is waiting back at the ranch when we did the 3-day events. Sheesh.

It almost didn't happen. The costs of the stand was bad enough, but the accommodation alone was going to write us off. But then some very good chums rallied round, and that has come off the budget red-zone.

With just a few weeks more things are starting to take shape. But beyond all this design and construction we're also trying to build a coherent campaign around it all. Inviting businesses from to join in with ideas, items and even a spell to help out just 'being there'. Plus PR, marekting to soem of our target fmcg guys. Flyers. The list is as long as time is short.

It has bee... interesting, so far. But no complaints. We could have said no. But with the theme being recycling and sustainable living it was really too good to miss. 400,000 consumers walking past. Lots of press and TV, too.

If we can't make an impression then I don't know what else we can do.

It's shaping up. Watch this space. Or rather, make sure you visit this one.