Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oo-er, responsibility beckons. Commitment looms. I have an audience at last!

I took some persuading by a few folks, but having leapt into blogdom have found it to be quite therapeutic. ‘Cross of Ross’ now has an outlet that is guaranteed to print, daily, without editing and hence leaving my words and thoughts subject to mis-interpretation by being taken out of context. And it also serves, I'm told, to keep the spiders noting is refreshed daily, as we still build up our editorial and info upload systems (more exciting news on that very soon!).

But now the pressure is on. I'm feeling the heat of knowing there is an audience out there, and a critical one (well, two, now) at that, though they have been of the most encouraging, positive variety... so far. But I know where there is an opinion there can be a dissenting one... and rightly so! Our PR crew seem to live in dread that I will end up bringing into my sights some organ of government or business that they are in the process of chatting up on our behalf. But I hope I am managing still to hew close to that fine line that walks between reasonable, fair, reasonably well informed corporate individual 'blogmment'... and a bit of a personal rant. This latter would on occasion be much more satisfying, but not serve’s stated aims of balance and objectivity wherever possible.

Even in my blog I prefer, and hence try (though not always successfully) to cock a querulous metaphorical eyebrow more than overtly state something is outright 'not on'. Rarely can one be so sure of the facts to be that black and white, though I do believe a clearly stated and adequately justified opinion is permitted some latitude in contributing to ongoing debate. If I stray, I'm sure those who care will soon let me know. There are those in my circle who will cheerfully admit to being a counterpoint to most of my views (I have a blog coming on the problems of putting people in all-encompassing boxes, and hence will try to live by my words in not assigning either them or me any narrow categories here) on life, the universe and everything. Yet somehow we work together happily and successfully through mutual respect, understanding and an acceptance that it is possible to get on when you don't always agree, so long as when you don't always agree it’s with grace, style and good humour. Something a few others could try to grasp and live by!

I am also, even at this early stage, feeling the pressure of delivering. It's my blog and I can slide if I want to, but I feel that I pretty much should try and meet my daily weekday dose (with weekends off). So far the writing side is none too onerous, and I do seem to have on file a fair number of 'back-issues', mostly non-topical in a time-critical sense at least (when there something that demands an instant blog it just adds to the reserve). But I already live in dread of 'writers block', and drying up when it comes to either content or style. Or both!

So may I ask a couple of favours. Do feel free to send me anything you think blogworthy… but first please do consider doing your own, as my opinion on something will never be the same as yours. But whatever happens, let your mates know... we need all the traffic through we can get!! Remember, blog it, and they may come!