Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Can you be a green petrolhead?

Agree on most. Especially on the size of machine required. A point a few of our green-auto advocates who need 6litre Hummers and 7-series Beemers still miss, even if they stick h2 in 'em to show their eco-cred.

But do cut those poor Americans, especially the teenagers, a wee bit of slack. (Oops, I forgot the host of this blog)

I haven't been there too often, but in many states they can't drink 'til they are 21, in others where there are reasonable, practical public transport systems it's no diff to London (Centre of the Universe), but in some places there's the small matter of most living in a country that is the same distance across as it is from here to Turkey.

Aside from the money, and the logistics and a few other things, if you live in a county where some kids need to travel often scores of miles to get in to school/cinema/etc, it's hard to imagine how else they would do it.

With those Yellow bus jobbies they seem to have the school run better sorted than we do here. As to the rest, if you can re-shoot Bullitt with a Prius...

Trailer Trash

Green film festival: the best clips

I almost switched off when I saw some odd movie with Ricky Gervais in it.

But then it clicked. Trailer... then Trash.

I was interested in 'Garbage! The revolution starts at home'

Not now.

This is old territory. We are trying to inspire folk and get the majority onside. A 'P-EU' rant is not going to do that, sorry.

If this is one of the best... oh, dear.

FWIW, my family has barely thrown out anything in several years. Thing is, we separate it out and either Green Cone, compost... or reuse (a few things piling up that have us currently stumped).

No stinky. No messy. Much savey. Even a bit of ma£ey.

Maybe I should film it. And then fly, Irony Air, to get my award in Turin.


Messages... and messengers

Piers Morgan solves energy crisis

I was driving to a meeting today (Oh, the irony. However, I did stop off at Ledbury to check out how to get to Brum or London in a more eco and possibly cheaper way... IF the train runs) and listening to the Jeremy Vine show.

It was about charity reverting to home.

Usual wind up. In the stir-up corner was Kelvin McKenzie saying 'sod the rest; Brit is best'.

Against him were lined up at least three fragrant ladies who obviously lunch, but also do good works for 'those less fortunate'. They were very much of the view that more aid rather than less was the order of the day. Folk were starving (true), it wasn't their fault (true. Well, at least the starving ones. I keep seeing nice limos when the Pres lobs up) and 'it's all down to global warming'.

Now, on that last one I am still in a jury that is out. However that all of them opened their pitch with 'I have just got back from flying around...', irony-free, to my mind did not help what else they uttered.

Some are just more equally allowed to 'study the situation' than others, I guess.

Oh, what a state(sperson)

Finding a climate for growth

As to the agreeable (new adjective du jour?:) Mr. Brown, it might be worth looking back and seeing what he has said (or, more likely open-endedly mis- or possibly not spoke) vs. what he has done, on most things but in particular anything to do with my kids' futures on this planet.

As to the awesome thought and authority that has gone in to this... "This is not the time to abandon a climate change agenda which is important for the future... The climate change agenda is part of the solution for many of the problems we face as a world economy"... well, I bet those words stopped all those rowing in their tracks with their substance, depth, detail and insight.

But at least some, somewhere, will be happy. 'We' have yet another, brand new target. Apparently.

Let the lobbyists out of the traps and the subsidies flow!

Telegraph - Ed Miliband promises less hot air

Well, when it comes to assessing talent, everything is relative I suppose. Is there a bar on the shores of the Dead Sea?

Newsnight -

You know what I found most telling about Mr. Miliband (the Even Younger)'s vox pop was his acknowledging that he, and indeed most, involved would not be around in 2050.

For a pol today, that is enough for me to know that a) it ain't going to happen, but b) a lot of folk are going to see target-based careers enhanced and/or making a load of money in the short term looking like they are trying.

Meanwhile, this is another press release that I imagine is already filed.

If we are going to be exposed to this government's latest whirly wheeze, and especially with a ringing stamp of 'You're all doing very well, aren't I' from Young PM Queeg, might we at least have a bit of historical context from the last decade to see how the latest claims might stand up and/or work out.

INdy - Loophole in minister's new emissions target - Rather sets the tone: like "telling everyone you're going on a calorie-controlled diet but not counting cream cakes".

Guardian - Can Ed Miliband deliver?

Guardian - Post-bubble possibility

Guardian - Saving the economy or saving the planet is not an either-or

See, there I was, getting all awed by the massive brainpower and seduced by the compelling skills of persuasion that score one the big bucks in the halls of power, and then I got to this:

"I am confident that we have the bold and challenging leadership we need."

I am sure you are, dear.

Is the Guardian now in the business of posting job applications as well?

At least the posts in reply made the energy consumed reading on worthwhile.

Guardian - Another green dream?

I am continually amazed by the way some manage to divorce 'Britain' from its 'government' - especially in terms of words and deeds carried out in its name - and the 'people' who in theory have given their mandates through 'votes' to others, especially to blow their money in their name via taxes.

Telegraph - Ed Miliband, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, has his work cut out

Indy - Miliband's blueprint for greener homes - while I was on board with much here, some of the suggestions do fail on my current enviROI measures, and hence rather colour the overall thing with a wash of green.

Guardian - On our present course, the bold new carbon target is worthless

When one's course is set by PM Queeg of the U.S Less 'I feel your pain (well, the pay, perks and pension might help ease it a bit)', cheered on at every repeated Titanic iceberg-ramming by a collection of Westminster Useful Village Idiots already nice and comfy in the few lifeboats, I must say 'worthless' is what first sprang to mind, too.

This is one mutineer ready to sign up on this 'ship in a state'.

Guardian - The greening of Brown

So, if I read the first para right it is basically: 'A distracting chance to just look good to your mates in high places whilst blowing yet more on saying a lot but again doing b-all'.

If his 'towering intellect' hadn't understood and/or got interested until now, then he's a few gigawatts short of a becalmed wind farm.

You damn the man with the faintest of praise.

Indy - Rebels to force climate change Bill concessions

I'd just be happy with a world-class climate my kids can enjoy.

But hey-ho....

Unleash the targets, crank up the bonuses and let the box-ticking commence!