Sunday, November 11, 2007

Satisfying Sunday... so far

Though it serves to remind me to get in my shed more often and find new ones, this is still worth a share.

A long time ago our sink tap broke. And I managed to fix it, Junkk-style.

Since then I have also done the same for my Mum's, which had the same problem. Well, now the other 'side' of mine has gone. It took me about 5 minutes to repair. No longer do I have the MacD bottle, but I soon found another that had the same component.


Enough's enough?

As one who has had two, I was attracted to this piece: Three's a crowd

I have to say we didn't stop at the twins through any great enviro commitment; in fact it was only their arrival that got me to embark on this journey. But even so, it was so wonderfully typical to see how an Observer chatterer could get one to being a 'modern Malthusian'. I am thinking of swapping Jedi for this on the next census or 18-page grant application 'we need to know ALL about you' section.

Actually I rather liked the simple mathematical logic described in the intro.

And, within the rest there is the odd interesting fact, such as this (if true): 'On your acre, can you grow all your food, absorb all the waste your lifestyle creates, have space for your home, recreational space, travelling space, provide the other resources you need and leave space for public services? Obviously not.' As I look at our half acre (mostly uncultivatable), that doesn't look too good when there's five (granny inc.) of us to sustain when the revolution comes or the bomb drops. I wonder what one does require? There's an attraction in having that land area (suitably stocked - including surrounding Claymores to discourage 'visitors') to hand as a fall-back.

In fact the whole piece is a fairly elegant roam around 'the issue', but really dips in, and then out, as do many of those who seem pretty active in stirring furiously in other, related e-areas the rest of the time, especially when it comes to the 'don't do that' invocations.

It all rather makes me think there are those who like flying about getting parachuted into high-profile local conflicts and winning medals for battles, but have no interest in winning a world war.

The future's bright, the future will be subject to change

I found this interesting on several levels - And you thought that the age of spin was no more

There's the fact that the media can be easily seduced, with checking, into publishing a story on something before it happens.

There's the fact that few, if any, seem worried it didn't happen after all.

There's the fact that those in senior PR at government level know this. Including the 'boss'.

The fact they don't really care what this all means.

And there's the fact that I only found it tucked away as a comment piece based on what seems an already forgotten opposition MP's campaign.

We're get what we deserve, I guess.