Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PROFS POSER - Idle talk saves planets

This is the 'inspiration':

Stuck at a level crossing? Turn off the engine or pay £20 fine

Thing is, if you are not in Prius or snazzy Beemer, when is the right time to switch off, and even if there is one (there must be, like for flourescent bulbs) how can it be assessed in advance (ever switched off in a jam afater 5 minutes, only to find that's when it moves off?).

Thing is, I have an old wife nagging that says starting ans stoping uses 'more' (over a period tba) than shutting down.

All the research that's fit to print

WRAP research shows four main barriers to recycling

The study found that the barriers are:

Physical – when containers for collecting recycling are unsuitable; when there is no space for storage, when collections are unreliable; when people have no way of getting to recycling sites

Behavioural – if people are too busy; if they struggle with establishing a routine for sorting out recycling; if they forget to put it out

Lack of knowledge – not knowing which materials can be recycled; not understanding how their local scheme works

Attitudes and perceptions – not believing recycling is good for the environment; not wanting to sort waste; not feeling personally rewarded for recycling

The phrase 'Well, D'uh!' springs to mind, Closely followed by 'Has this not been done before?', and then 'If not why not; if so, why again?" and... "How much this time?"

Let's see who dutifully reports this 'wishful list'...

We shall fight then in the malls, we shall fight them in the car parks...

Lib Dems oppose eco-towns, back CCS and £2,500 ‘4×4′ tax

Just wondering and all (it's not covered here but may be elsewhere), but when 'Transport spokesman Norman Baker proposed road taxes of up to £2,500 per year on gas guzzling 4×4s, which would help fund £1,000 payouts to those buying more fuel efficient cars', where any plans in place to help my neighbours here in the country who use them on their farms? And when this aspect of car industry collapses through there being insufficient market to warrant production (along with local food production, possibly), I question how well our troops gad about various un-tarmac'd hotspots in armoured Priuses.

Not saying certain areas don't need addressing, but have to say I am a little nervous about the priorities and focus and capabilities of those who would choose to lead outside a rather small village in London.

From your other post they may have a rethink on CCS, but nice to see they suss the wind is blowing on 'eco' (they almost come with quotes now as standard, eh?) towns.

Another day, another 'Day'

It's more a 'why not' than a BTN, but I will still pass it on:

National Carbon Footprint Day

I will pass personally however, as I do most other such days, weeks, pledges, etc. They tend to blur into one another, and I am coming to wonder what the total enviROI adds up to vs. not having any at all, and simply applying the cash and energy to doing more enviro stuff than getting on the awareness/measuring roundabout. And I am still rather unclear what a carbon footrpint is.

But I guess some need rallying points. So here is another, neatly hyperlinked for your convenience: