Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Efficiency games

New Solar Balloon Creates 400 Times More Energy Than The Average Solar Cell

I'll share because it looks and sounds fun, but the claims may need an eyebrow crank.

When switching off just won't do

7-Eleven Getting Big Gulp-Sized LED Upgrade

'in order to do its part to reduce GHG emissions'

I am glad that they have 'seen the light', but let us not get too carried away with echoing the PR.
'The savings will be worth it as the lights will use about 75% less energy than fluorescents.' '..after they see what kind of savings 7-11 reaps.'

Not to mention the kudos... oh... they can see that already.

Please, let there not be vast acres of print media issued to tell one and all about this measure.

Actually I'd be keen to know exactly how long the $1B investment will take to get to payback... and then accrue major operational savings; not really for the eco-cred but just to stamp on some beancounters' foreheads to show that green can make green.

It needn't be an 'either/or'.

Nice motors, shame aboutthe colour

Leonardo DiCaprio, the star who helped turn Hollywood green

'As well as his Toyota Prius, his latest car is equally in tune with the times - a BMW H7, which runs on hydrogen.'

Must be tricky driving both at once.

'may look like a fuel-hungry executive saloon - but it burns hydrogen, not petrol'

And just because the fuel is not petrol that makes it less hungry... how? And what is the enviROI of hydrogen at the moment?


It's a grower! (sorry:)

Energy Source

Telegraph - Cost of living: some good news for once - I had some dabte on the right category here. Should it have been more under 'Energy' or even 'Alt. Energy'? Still, with two wind-fallen trees' worth out back...


Gaurdian - Rainforests

Looking at the above, that suggest 'Deforestation' as a category, too. Ho -hum.


Times - NEW - New ways to make use of any old wood

Peak Oil

Two words that cause major disagreement every time they are used; so any article that provides a sensible and logically argued explanation of the Peak Oil concept is worth a few minutes reading.

This is one such by investor Praveen Jaiswal in Seeking Alpha. Enjoy.

Water, water, everywhere....

..... and not a drop to drink.

According to this from the International Herald Tribune, that is the prospect facing billions of people, especially in Asia, over the coming decades, as climate change alters rainfall patterns and increases areas that already suffer from droughts.

"global climate change takes many forms, causing droughts in some areas while increasing flooding and the severity of cyclones in others. Droughts reduce water supply, and floods destroy the quality of water. Rising sea levels, for instance, increase the salt content at the mouths of many rivers, from which many Asians draw their drinking water."

By 2080, they reckon that as many as 3.2 Billion people (that's almost half the planet's current population) could face a shortage of clean water.

Yes, I know they use that horrible word 'could', but it doesn't sound too good if true, does it?

Oh, and if you want something topical to actually drink from, how about one of these 'global warming mugs' from gadgets.co.uk?

Nothing ventured

Obama to skip UN climate talks

Probably he and his entourage not going is doing more to reduce carbon emissions than any conversations held there will achieve.