Friday, August 30, 2013

EVENT UPDATE - Sir Grow-A-Lot Open Day - Aug 31 - HR Postcode


It was a lovely, and great day, all round. A few images:

 Cider Making Demo
 Oat Cuisine
 Entry to the fields
 The site (before folk arrived)
Phoenix J & Manu - an awesome duo


OK, it's tomorrow, and I have been garnering a bit more info to help one and all see what's going to be on offer.

We shall be there, mob-handed, supporting the event but also accompanied by Phoenix J, who has kindly agreed to perform two (possibly three as one band has unfortunately dropped out) sets from the 'stage' (undercover roof.... if maybe a stretch to call it an indoor stadium, but close..ish) throughout the day.

WHAT Sir Grow-A-Lot Open day

WHERE - at one with nature (see below)

WHEN - on Saturday 31st August 2013. Even the weather is looking good! Fingers crossed.

COST - As we always like it... FREE!

VenueModel Farm, Hildersley; within easy walking distance of Ross-on-Wye

The Venue - Note St Marys in background

Parking: Parking is available. Lots. There'll be an 'IN' and an 'OUT', with a massive field so there should be no issues getting in, or out. 
TIMING: Starts at 11.00am,  Ends at 6.00pm.  

Events/Agenda - From the PR:

The Sir Grow-a-Lot is but the latest of Ross-based EnviroAbility’s local community-based social enterprise projects. Significant lottery funding has been carefully marshaled to create a truly innovative ‘green’ oasis within walking distance of the heart of town.

And now as the seeds of its vision sprout in tangible form, with buildings and facilities in place, what better time to celebrate what’s been achieved and what all in Ross are welcome to be part of and enjoy. You can create your own micro-enterprise, sell produce or simply indulge in more modest allotment growing for personal satisfaction… or a healthier pot and wallet! Educational visits from schools are always welcome to learn all about sustainable organic growing.

Set in the bucolic, idyllic surroundings of the Model Farm, the open day programme is packed with entertainment, freebies, information and all manner of other goodies.

There’s a Mixed Meat BBQ Roast, Cake Stall, Card-making, Cookery Demos, Tombola, Tours, Horticultural & Eco Talks & Workshops taking place throughout the day, plus kids’ entertainment like ‘Splat-the-Rat & ‘Fishing for Ducks’.

There will also be day-long music performances by some real local talent, including award-winning international recording artist Phoenix J & Manu Song (Richard Berenger advised as sadly cancelled) see play list for show times).

Ross is fast acquiring an awesome, deserved reputation for summer fair, Trade fair & Fairtrade fun and frolics outings for all the family. There’s lot’s happening this last bank holiday weekend; so make sure the Sir Grow-A-Lot  Open day is down on your list to play a major part!

11am - Opens

1pm – 1st performance – Phoenix J (approx 30mins)

2pm – 2nd band performance – Manu Song or Phoenix J (to cover for missing band)

3pm – 3rd band performance –  Phoenix J or Manu Song ( to cover for missing band)

4pm – 4th & final show of the day - Phoenix J 

Local PR

Contact: 01989 763388

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

COMPETITION - Get creative with old plastic Coca-Cola bottles


PR is a funny game. Seems every day I get an invitation to try out some 5* eco resort in Peru which, while nice, may just cross a few ethical boundaries I may have on enviROI grounds.

Yet a genuine, local, consumer reuse story I have to stumble across in, of all things, a trade website!

Whatever tracky things the PR industry uses need a tweak.

WHENSix weeks, from now to Sept 30.

WHATGet creative with old plastic Coca-Cola bottles
WHAT... MORE?: The site seems a bit of a zoo, so here from the original summary:

The online initiative, in collaboration with supermarket Sainsbury’s, will “encourage consumers to use their waste packaging at home in a fun and useful way, while also pledging to recycle”.

Parents will be asked to submit recycling ‘pledges’ – such as turning used bottles into products such as bottle bird-feeders or self-watering bottle plant pots – and those taking part will receive money-off vouchers for CCE products and the chance to win a ‘glamping’ holiday in France.

“Through utilising an accessible online mechanic, the campaign helps us to reach a wide audience, allowing us to communicate to customers across the UK how easy it is for them to play their part.”

I will have to ponder that last paragraph a while to grasp what it means. Maybe I need a small child to translate.

HOW MUCH: Free! As always, just as we like it. 
COMMENTS: It will probably freak them out that to 'How often would you say you recycle in the home?' I opted for 'Never' because, of course, we don't recycle, we reuse.

And, immodestly, most ideas already on using their stuff are a whole lot better than what they are putting up in example.

Also, as a bit of geeky web input, it's rather disconcerting to fill it all out, hit 'Pledge' and get nothing other than a return to the blank form. I'm also not sure what I downloaded from the ideas button, as nothing happened bar getting an instruction PDF.

Still, for my name & email, a chance at a glamping holiday may be worth it still.

I wonder how sincere they are about reuse, though?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A New Dr. Who. Now, how about a new Tardis?

Despite being away on hols, certain things you'd need to have been in a cave to miss.

So, the mantle of Dr. passes from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi. With, possibly, some other incarnations since I last watched. In black and white. Mainly from behind the sofa.

And while Drs. may have come and gone, or morphed, one thing has stayed ubiquitous and constant: the Tardis. His trusty base of operations, with its modest exterior belying a surprisingly vast, and fascinating, interior.

Cue a quick double take as I sidled the other day past an innocuous entrance at the lower end of Brookend St. in Ross-on-Wye.

Where once I used to take my kids to play, a whole new scene was unfolding. The Doctor meets Aladdin's Cave... caves. You name it... it's here.

Yes, the newest base of operations of the mighty EnviroAbility empire has relocated again, and is now established for at least a few years.This nationally-recognised, and lauded, social enterprise has many skilled fingers in many worthy pies, and this new location at last brings them all (well, most... some are out and about in the parks or fields around town) under one roof. Of course, high on the agenda is their commitment to as many 're's' as you can shake a sustainable stick at. first hooked up with them a long time ago when we helped with the 'RE:Box' project, now sadly no longer in place, if fondly remembered still. And since then we've been happy to help wherever we can with corporate ID & marketing concepts. Most of... well, the dafter... divisions were either names or logo-designed by us.

EnviroAbility's commitment to reducing waste and saving money from recovered materials remains as strong as ever. Room after room of furniture, fixtures and fittings (even one set ready to offer IT support to those seeking job-hunting advice) await the eager bargain hunter. Just look at all the bikes alone they have in course of being restored in the cavernous up floor  of their new premises:

Now if it all looks a bit of a dog's dinner still... it is! I was going to await things being more sorted out before running this story, but Dennis Humble, General Manager, asked me to get the word out right away, as they are looking for help to set up, on top of seeking anyone else whose values match theirs to get in touch with a view to making this a literal eco-sustainability superstore.

So, don't be shy.... get along or get in touch!

This could be you, too.