Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's in the Gaurdian so it must be true

Hard to figure the best category, so I'll give it its own post.

BBC accused of wasting £406,000 of public money a year on bottled water

'The broadcaster said it was assessing the "health issues" of switching from bottled to mains-fed water.'

The comments are also... choice. 'How dare you critique Aunty. This is like the Daily Mail....!' Interesting rationale.

Tries hard to keep straight face....

This deserves its own post...

Wit thanks to good chum/honourary Junkketeer Paul, whose overnight Far East timezone caught it first and alerted me (he recognised the twins' vocal talents, but not mine as I shoved a weed up a pole inside a plant pot as a video camera ran), our entry on the recent '1 minute to save the world' competition noted yesterday is currently on their home page.

Too early and peaked. Or get in right away to drum up support?

Time, will tell.

I am now trying to figure ot how on earth you do drum support as for the life of me voting seems unclear. Anyhoo, we have to October.

However, should you feel inspired now to add your vote (5* has a nice feel:).... link, and/or pass on to your chums. Ta very much!