Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bad Science. Good Blog.

I've mentioned this chap before.

Decided to write a year-end big up to him and hope we may do something to burst a few bubbles together in the coming year.

'Keep 'em coming!

It is a rare treat to see such deserving bubbles burst (I was going to add with pricks usually on the inside) with humour and wit. Sort of an iron fist inside a multi-striped, open- fingered woolly mitten.

The only shame is that so many that should not continue after such exposure still do, and how so few who one would imagine are tasked to take note have the talent, energy, commitment, passion and plain balls to do doing anything substantive to put things right. Perhaps it's because it can take more than the span of a few headlines. So they just sail on in their ratings-worshiping, target-meeting, agenda-driven, vote-catching, index-linked, gold-plated ways, and concern themselves more with feeding off hype rather than seeing the long-term damage it does.

If you'd ever like to turn your attentions to the world of the environment, I'd suggest there are rich pickings already, with more to come. There's money to be made in them thar 'green' hills. But not everyone seems to be too concerned with the scientific facts in separating those who are sincere from theirs, in the name of saving the planet. From governments down (or up, depending on your views).

Anyway, a Happy New Year to you!"