Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes a headline just warrants a post

The Underwear That Saved the World

The story is worth it, too.

Now, where's those scuzzy skivvies down the back of the laundry pail?

CATEGORY - Climate Change

Still on a refiling roll. So check anything with CLIMATE for more until I collate.

I rather like the c0lour coding idea (Lord help us if I get into trying to accord shades). Let's go for Climate Optimistic and Climate Pessimistic


Times - Understanding climate change - well, understanding it better, which still isn't very much, more like.

Greenbang - NEW - Psych! Climate change messes with our heads - A lot of this is, like D'Oh, but I prefer attempts at understanding to fights on fixed views.


antigreen - CO -

climateaudit - CO - - CP - Nice catch on daft car ads

climatesci - CO -

omniclimate - that's a CO, safe to say

icecap - NEW -

Spiked - CO - Global warming: the chilling effect on free speech - I might just leave this up front out of alphabetical order. While one may or may not agree with it, I have to agree that in the cause of striving to make a point, very often the spirit of free debate is too often hijacked by pejoratives.

Oops. must have missed the link. Now, how to find it?

Radio Silence is Golden... for a while

Just to say the Junkk empire is off on hols.

Gremlins permitting, the site should tick over while we're gone.

And the blog will be a tad thinner perhaps, though Dave of Solarventi might be able to plug the void with his as always worthy shares.

We might be in range of a WiFi spot on occasion, so you never know, the odd post or tweet might yet sail in.

And upon our return, we hope to share the joys of camping and driving an LPG car round France.

The only thing I am pre-dreading is the in-box here upon my return.

Au revoir!

My last task is to point you at the latest newsletter, and now to hit... post.