Sunday, December 24, 2006


Not going well. I've lost this post twice now.

Anyway, nothing ventured.

I read this today: A tax on the absent-minded

Now while it may seem a bit more political than environmental, we are in an era when it's ok to impose a £1k fine before putting in place adequate means for the public to avoid it ('Bin there, done that.. got the ASBO.

My reply was simple: 'When's the next election? We can soon sort it out then'.

I should have added, 'assuming there will be another election, they way things are going.'

Oh, Blogger!!!!

It has been a short while.

Partly trying to sort a few things out pre-Xmas (like our next newsletter!!! About 16 hrs to write that baby), and mainly that Blogger has 'evolved'.

This is my first post in its new incarnation, and there are a lot of new buttons, some of which look useful, and doubtless I will mess up trying to work.

Making the switch was also not easy. See the comments made by me and fellow beta-blockheads.