Monday, September 22, 2008


With a suggestion to keep eyebrows cranked ready for any signs of greenbait or greenwash, at least there can be freebies: - from British Gas - from edf (see a theme here?)

Note: I might forget in time, so make sure any you check have not expired.

Cold Comfort

Loopholes in £1bn insulation plan mean millions struggling with ‘fuel poverty’ will lose out

Aren't loopholes what dodgy folk use to get out of Government obligations; not the other way round?

Despite my wife's best efforts, thanks to and RE:tie's investment/return plot I think we might have qualified, except..

For example, any home with more than 60mm of loft insulation will not qualify for the scheme The recommended standard is 270mm. - er, tick

Nor will most homes built before the 1930s, which are unsuitable for cavity-wall insulation. - tick, again.

Two strikes and we're already out.

“It’s a classic piece of government spin — it sounds great, but it is actually a completely unworkable plan,”

However, looks like we're not the only ones with not as much as we could have upstairs.

Jobs for the boys, and girls

Green growth is the path to economic recovery

An interesting essay, as are some of the comments in reply.