Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lawn Ranger

Peter will not be happy.

Keep off the grass

One can indeed get on dodgy turf weighing the economically-driven (though when it's with the truth it becomes quicksand) and the environmental.

You're (on the side of) right, they don't have a blade worth standing upon in word or deed in trying to make money from green this way.

Now, time to pop back to the travel section of this paper where, apparently, 'Angel Falls' is a must see:)

Peter is the lovely chap who pops in once a week to kick me from being creative eco-luvvie into self-sustaining business person. He thinks the two are compatible, but some compromises can and need to be made.

And as the belt tightens, I am seeing his point. Better fed than dead. And if you are fed, you can keep doing what you do... to support the family ... and, with luck, make an enviROI+ difference.

I don't think such as the Guardian is doing any damage, and in fact has a long history of keeping the green flag flying, often persuasively.

But it's just that, well, sometimes the rather overt Planet Ban-it in one corner tends to jar with the corporate money making going on a few pages over. Often it can, and is used by those who might disagree to highlight if not flaws in their advocacy, but certainly selective campaigning. I am sure many in Islington will gladly return their back lot to natures' best, but also that it will be well up on the priority list of green guilt compared to giving Angel Falls a miss.

For what it is worth, I have to say puring gunk onto weeds is not the best eco-option, but I do confess to zapping a few dandelions with something last summer, as excavating them made my lawn look the Somme.

One day at a time?

Is Earth Day enough to save the planet?

As with all things, it is a question of degree. And the sad inevitability that what was once small, personal and intimate pretty quickly becomes big, corporate and a monumental overblown bore.

The first I knew about Earth Day was an email from one of the x zillion well funded ngos/charity newsletters I subscribe to to try and glean some worthwhile information on worthwhile things that get or can be DONE.

A banner ad in the middle informed me that ''we' didn't wait to act'. I am guessing it was meant for the US, because the picture was of the Normandy landings, and I am pretty sure 'they' did wait a wee while until nudged a bit by Adm. Yamamoto's frequent flyer programme.

First click got me to the donation page.

As I was unsure how much of my contribution would go on private jets for the management board, guest celebs and media hangers on, and how much would go on media comms budgets (plus sponsors - I was also treated to an Earth Day ad from a Fortune 500 company promoting its bleach) for awareness of their next concert, day/wheeze, I gave it a miss.

And got on with just another one of the 365 days each year I try and DO my best for my kids' futures.

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Becuase I doubt I was the first poised to hit the keyboard!

Should you 'green' your CV?

What pure, unadulterated tripe dressed up under a question about an issue, even if mocking. Good job it's not April 1. But I still think the author has tongue well in cheek.

Shame the moderators did not see fit to let the thread even start, let alone run.

At least fish4PR got what it needed out of a 'survey'.

Too much spin; not enough substance

Again, on the subject of wind farms I read a lot on subjective passion; very littel that allows me to add anything up.

Tutting at wind farms

Somehow this has all seemed to be devolved into some kind spat between ramblers, shredded seagulls and.. the END OF THE WORLD!!!!

Whilst all aspects - social, tourist, etc - are certainly of consideration, a few priorities are in order. Especially if we are to remain addicted to unlimited procreation and hence energy addiction in support of demand... and man-worsened negative climate change via greenhouse gas emissions goes from possible to probable to... worth doing something about.

However, in all such pieces, I would dearly love to see also included some clear ROI and enviROI figures for the relative values of the various alternative energy solutions being proposed and, it seems often championed and/or funded without question by simply not being something else.

I have to presume these numbers have been produced and show clear advantages to our futures on this planet. And if so, would be quite potent to me when being required to weigh against more local ecological or lifestyle issues.

I can see by its location and ambient weather conditions how a facility like this one does look more likely to be able to generate electricity in a 'greener' manner than some alternatives, but do all that are proposed? What about downtimes? Maintenance? Transmission logistics?

Sorry, I still feel there is a wee bit too much spin going on (from the inevitable extremes of such 'debates'), and not enough substance.


This is becoming the talk of the blogosphere.

BBC - Proposals to build one of Europe's biggest onshore wind farms are turned down by the Scottish Government.

As have added to the above to one:

This has stirred things up a tad, but I do wonder if in the right way, and amongst the right folk.

Some things are very hard to quantify, so I have total sympathy for those trying to place a value on something as subjective as a view.

However, as a mere MoP (member of the public) trying to wade through a morass of advocacies that may require my cross in a box one day, the whole thing seems to be maintained at a very simplistic, and emotional level.

And I for one, would REALLY like some confirmed, hard numbers on this.

Without them it all comes across as a battle of interest groups, and as belts get tightened, what (possibly incorrectly, but it's a better attitude than being against anything at all) may seem affordable indulgences for many might drop off the options list in favour of what may seem (often incorrectly) essentials.

BBC Green - Blow to wind power

Guardian - Endangered birds come first: Scottish ministers say no to huge wind farm on Lewis peatland - some numbers, but how good are they?

Earth to America .....

.... can you hear? An amusing little video clip from Love the 'please take a minute to note the emergency exits ..... there aren't any' bit.

A simple message but quite funny.