Saturday, April 26, 2008

What goes up...

Climate 'fix' could deplete ozone

Gotta love a headline that has so many of my favourite journalistic words and punctuation in one sentence: Climate, could, fix and 'quotes'.

In this case I rather hope that those involved may take a moment just to ponder what 'we' are all doing: 'We'll save this planet if we have to kill it off to do it!'

That would be a no, or, rather, 'Are you out of your tiny freakin' minds!!!?', Houston.

Getting the answers she wanted?

Feasting on famine - As the food crisis intensifies, no one is asking why the companies making huge profits from increased prices remain unaccountable

I almost passed on this one. The comments in the thread make it worth reading. Tricky things, blogs.

Times - Britain's dirty business - Also as applicable to the post before regarding a LabourMP/Liberal Media luvvie's notions on what 'we' should be doing.

Times - Is your job bad for the Earth? - Rats... My day jobs are down there twice.

It's a vote winner, luv

The climate change movement must be inclusive

At first I thought this a sentiment worth checking further. Then I read on...

'The climate change movement must be inclusive
The climate change movement must broaden its social base ...'

I'd say a good place for change might be your terminology. What on Earth is 'the climate change movement'. I don't recognise it, it doesn't make much sense and I don't very much like the sound of it.

A vast swathe of what ifs and must be done, with almost zero tangibles on what and how, especially in terms to engage and inspire those not so blessed to feed in the Westminster political or Islington media trough.

And that last para is priceless, showing our current leadership's true grasp of the issues and mindsets of those they claim to represent.

Par for the course, mind.


I have a fair idea what the responses from Dalston and Stoke Newington might be, but as an insider what do you reckon the deep thoughts on this might be from No.10?

Britain's Dirty Business

You guys get paid to come up with stuff like this, and then more to opine on how the general public are not getting with the 'green' programme?

Or is this another left-hand, right-hand minor issue that has slipped passed our elected representatives. I'm betting 10p it is.