Monday, October 16, 2006

My four frames of fame (so far)

Well, they do say fame is fleeting. There must be a better way to do this (MySpace...YouTube?), but here are four screen grabs (pretty much equating to my time on air) from the SKY Big Idea trailer.

The sky is falling,.. and the footsie with it

I share this - The consensus view is frequently very wrong indeed - not because I agree or disagree with it (frankly, as mentioned a lot before, I really don't think a lot of this debate is relevant any more, and am not really qualified to make any better interpretations than anyone else really is), but because it does contain information that I presume to be true, and hence is worth sharing.

I also think that the green juggernaut is getting pretty much a free ride at the moment, and as there are some rather serious economic consequences to a lot of what's being done in the planet's name, a certain balance is always worth encouraging.

Losing from the experience

To keep ticking over in the manner to which it is accustomed, I need to maintain the day job, which is writing. Actually, such is my devotion to the site I have been neglecting this so much that I a) forgot to do it for a while, b) found that money does not grow on rubbish (yet) and c) it's who you no longer know that matters. So, just to add to the workload, I've been hunting for work.

It has not proven easy, and as I have a pretty good portfolio and track record, the simple fact that no one seems interested in seeing the former and asking me how the latter could be applied to their business, I can only assume one reason is that I am no spring chicken any more.

Which is why I have found all this age legislation that just came in a bit of a lark. On the face of it, a pretty good thing if my suspicions are true. But as they can still ask you your age, short of someone saying, in writing (should they be polite enough to do so in reply), that 'as you remember when Tom Baker was Dr. Who, you are way too experienced, and certainly not the shaved-skull hipster we expect to be snowboarding down our aisles, so forget being a part of this dynamic, young agency...'.

Only they will not be saying that at all: Dynamism won't get you a job here

Actually, as a writer I found it all rather silly more than sad. How many of the now outlawed terms meant anything anyway? Would you expect, or want, a slow-learner, non-starter, non-flyer, undynamic or unambitious person to apply? And if they did, would you find a way to not hire them?

As for experienced, well... yes, but it rather depends in what. I would still appreciate the opportunity to explain and present in person.

Reality Bites

An interesting dissection of the state of the football 'profession' after a recent game in the paper this morning: The Beautiful Game is now a celebritocracy

I'm not quite sure where he's been for the last few years not to have noticed until now (and I think the headline may have gained from the substitution of the word 'just' for now), but I was moved to comment:

"It's not just football, I'm afraid... it's everything."