Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm not that keen on the 'name and shame' approach to steering environmentally-friendly practices, but in cases 'Where good packaging goes bad' I feel we need to have a few brickbats to put alongside the bouquets.

So I am thinking of creating a site page called 'WrapAtak' (thanks to Martin for that suggestion) where one can post examples that really go beyond the call of sensible wrapping.

For now I'll simply pop them on here, starting with this fine example.

Part of squeezing the '5 a day' down the twins, the irony of its 'no
junk promises' icon was not lost on me.

I can sort of live with the necessity of having a bag to contain the
several cardboard packs, but why oh why was there any need for the
additional plastic tray as well?

Nil points.

Shopping in the right direction

Separated by just a few days, these two stories are linked.

The ugly fruit with a beautiful future & Cut excess packaging, WI urging

The Waitrose initiative is to be welcomed, and the price is a real incentive. I really hope it works.

The problem of course is idealism vs. reality. Possibly our own fault (the it is not by example), but our kids will simply not go near fruit or veg that is not 'perfect', and there really is only so much discarded debris I can and wish to scavenge. Hence we do tend to err on the nicer looking and/or better protected options simply to get their 5 a day down their gullets and/or avoid waste.