Friday, July 01, 2005

Hypocritical Oaths

I note that Chancellor Brown has accused his colleagues in the EU of hypocrisy, based on their postures on African debt vs. their stout defences of EU subsidies. By my understanding a sort of robbing Bob to pay Pierre. So good on Gordo. Not enough politicians vent the odd 'hypocrite' oath, and it is one that deserves to, and hence should be used a lot more often. Just.. a slight note of caution: it can have a nasty habit of making those who live in glass houses wish their boomerang-lobbing technique were a tad better. There are many in the environmental sector who would do well to remember that. Oh, and the government, too.

A shortish blog today, and none over the weekend. With G8 , Live 8 and all sorts of other fun and worthy stuff taking place, I'm decamping with my kids to another: Scout Camp. Not quite sure of the carbon consequences, but we'll certainly be closer to nature. Ging gang gooly, gooly, gooly, ging gang goo... hey, we're holding our own musical G8!