Wednesday, April 22, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Stern warnings

I don't agree with much else the author came out with, but this resonated:

"Clearly recognising that the Climate Change market is a fiercely competitive environment in which Who Scares Wins"

Want chips with your chips?

We seem to be in a new era of catching up with the obvious.

EU fisheries paper catches the drift

More and more people chasing fewer and fewer natural resources.

And it's having a deleterious effect.


Must be a lesson there, as we await a green budget that also 'grows' the economy.

Not sure building more houses to accommodate the accelerating population growth, on what's left of the countryside, is quite the best start.

Remind me, does self-interest kick in before or after snagging votes to stay in power?

Happy Earth Day

Though you might not know it is today.

A few other things on, as we get the true glory of the latest fair, green budget.