Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trust me, I'm a Pol trying to save my bac.. the planet.

The enemy of my enemy...?

Who would have thought I'd ever side with Mr. O'Leary?

But with this - Fight over Brown’s ‘green’ levy - I have.

" am no great fan of Mr. O'Leary or his airline, but good luck to him.

Retroactive legislation is the thin end of a very steep wedge.

"... the tax, which the Chancellor claims will benefit the environment, will be applied to any passenger with a current booking made before the announcement was made."

Good claim. How, exactly, will this benefit the environment? The flight is taking place anyway. EasyJet may considering barring those who refuse (who would/can?) and that may mean a few kg less to lift, but the actual environmental impact is the same. Just some extra money going to... what, exactly?

Yes, ways must be found to resolve the environmental impact of travelling, and soon, but this will just create a 'them and us' divide which will make conversion of opinion and behaviours that much more difficult."

Just last night I was watching TV and in one break there were two ads for cereals. One with actor Ray Winstone talking about the nanny state, and the other with a load of 'official robots' trying to stop you eating tasty food. The industry and the government going to head to head, with the latter using our money to wage it so they can play with the ad agencies.



Let's get this straight. I don't think the existence, financial incentives and hence proliferation of a mjaor greenhouse gas industry can be a good thing.

What I don't like is when 'green' is used to 'bash and tax' without thought, or only with a view to making a money and not a difference.

Knock yourselves out trying to figure who is coming out of this well:

BBC - Airlines savaged over environment
Reuters - Minister criticises Ryanair on emissions
Guardian - Labour targets airlines over carbon emissions
Guardian - Rise of low-cost flights comes at high price
Telegraph - Virgin holds talks on low-cost long-haul flights
Telegraph - Ryanair 'unacceptable face of capitalism'

Wild of the call

Cameron's 'buy British food' call

My take:

"A clear way to see what you are eating, where it came from and how it gets to you?
Logical. Simple. Effective.

Let's see when and if it ever happens, and how 'the system' makes it into an unworkable monster."

So far, so talk. I await with interest how any of this gets translated, if ever, into action.

A less thrilled view from Janet Street Porter


"Are we being priced off the trains?"

Good one. But I shall answer, with an equally straight face: Yes; and have been for ages. This just makes things even worse.

No matter what one's environmental commitment, when you are faced with a service of limited flexibility and/or reliability, £25 for a spontaneously-committed tank of petrol - and the option of coming straight home rush hour, mid-late evening or early morning if needs be - looks pretty good vs. being forced to wait 'til 7.30pm to return and then risk being stranded at a mid-West connection point, all requiring paying a month in advance at £80. Plus £4 for a tube ride once there, I now gather!

But in the name of Green, why do I suspect that the option to use the train will not be made more attractive, but the alternatives will simply be penalised even more? Talk about a drag and drop menu for disaster.

Thank heavens I work from home, but sadly, and my heart goes out to those who have to do it daily, one will always need to travel.

Indy: Planes, trains, and the road to ruin