Wednesday, July 09, 2008


MONTH - This weekend!!!!

FIELD: Environmental

WHEN: 11th, 12th & 13th July


WHAT... MORE?: Visitors will be able to see and experience the latest developments in environmental products, and speak to experts in green living. But it won’t be all worthy bean eating, there’s plenty of fun to be had being green as well! With almost 50 ‘Ecovillagers’ there really will be something to interest the whole family.

WHERE: Kent Show at Detling

WHO: see site URL

HOW MUCH: Part of the Kent show. Prices here.


COMMENTS: We only found out about this just now. In fact was hoping to get there but it's all a bit last minute. But we are cobbling together a little display as the organisers Sust Marketing have kindly offered a slot on their stand. Shame most of our reuse kit is still at the Bristol show, but we'll try and do our best.

Well, the headline works for me at least

Tories unveil recycling pay plans

I just hope the enviROI still adds up.

Ready, aim... er... well, that went well, I think

Great thing, aiming.

G8 aims to halve greenhouse gases

I do recall this all, or something very similar, before, however.

Wonder how many BBC journos flew along to take us for the ride, too.

Indy - An agreement with no commitments

Guardian - Global polluters agree need for cuts in emissions - but not how or when - You know, on that basis, there is a lot I am happy to agree to, too.

BBC - Summit approves climate 'vision' - Yes, it's that vision thing. Needs looking at.. into.

Telegraph - NEW - BBC throwing out food - I do wonder what else they might be accused of, mind

Telegraph - NEW - Let's hope Gordon Brown clears his plate at the G8 - Bless

Rules without rulers.

I found this interesting:

ASA - British Sky Broadcasting Ltd t/a Sky

Mainly because, amongst all the rest, of this: '...We understood that there was no generally accepted definition of carbon neutral but that the claim could be evaluated against generally accepted best practice. '

Might it not be a plan for consumers to have one... that makes sense.. and they can trust?

For now, that term means diddly squat to me and washes over like sensible enviro policies on a Government Minister.

I'm also gathering, from look at other judgements, that being told not to run an already expended campaign again is hardly the greatest motivating penalty to not repeat again. POOR Show.