Monday, November 03, 2008

When a promise isn't a commitment ......

... Or, when a commitment simply gets fudged and/or bungled?

An interesting comment piece from the Telegraph on when what is on the statute books is simply, well, bypassed. Plus, the author reckons what has happened with the fuel poverty commitment will also happen with the climate change bill.

I can hear the arguments already "errrrr, well, the 80% reduction in greenhouse gases was a target see, and we did not have the available finances to meet it, so, errrr, we haven't, errr, met it, well, as yet".

T'was ever thus!

Joined up what again?

EU law forces Sainsbury’s to ditch witches’ fingers

Is this part of the 'Love waste, love barking regulations even more' campaign?

Quote of the day - QED

As today's papers are excited about some councils removing Latin from our lingua franca...

I thought I'd share this from 21st Century Latin by linguist Sam Foster:

Calefaction muni - veniat! Colorandum pellum totum annum et via brevior ad litus!

Global warming - bring it on! An all-year tan and a shorter drive to the beach.

Gaurdian - Ave atque vale, lingua Latina - Some folk have too much time on their hands. QED.

Also just noticed a wee glitch that might employ many officers for many days if the write the funding application well enough.

'et cetera' is often abbreviated 'etc', I believe.

Now, I see possible problems with either the easily offended or Japanese communities with "and so on".


Daily Mail - The councils who ban Latin words because they are 'elitist and discriminatory' and confuse immigrants

Telegraph - Local council cretins ban Latin as 'elitist', pro bono publico


Brainy children ‘likely to vote Green’

...research suggests.

'Nuff said.