Sunday, October 28, 2007

Risky business, politics, anything... not

I think we've kind of accepted, frustratingly, that there is no such thing as being held accountable for one's negative actions any more.

However, having pondered the Sunday paper's various sections today, I have realised that in complement to this there seems a bizarre over-correction when it comes to being rewarded for positives.

I usually consign the Sports section to the bin unread. However I could not help but notice that some football manger that I was dimply aware was not in favour... now is. And his predecessor now forgotten. For now. Meanwhile another is in line for some truly remarkable pay over the next 3 years.

Thing is, I really can't see how any of these guys are making a blind bit of difference in any serious way to the outcome of their team's performance. At least to justify the fuss and froth around their hiring, tenure and ultimate departure (when the ball doesn't go in the net like it used to).

However, as I presume none of this costs me a penny, I am content for it to play out and provide entertainment to those who are entertained by it all, and dubious employment to a bunch of hangers on who ... well, I'm not sure what.

But then we get to the City. This does bother me, because what these guys do can and does cost me. Thing is, again, they seem to get paid telephone numbers by simply being right once in a while, but don't seem to have to give it back when they cock-up. How does that work?

And finally, politics. Um... ditto. Only it really, really... really gets laid on when they are around when something good (and prudent ?) happens, and they are really, really, really , really hard to shift when the chickens come home to roost. Assuming they have not bailed already.

As I have already blogged, it's not just about winning. I value much more the general who coordinates a brilliant retreat to one who squanders an easy victory. Equally the CEO who helps their company weather a storm much more than one who presides over lazy profits. And as for politics, well, there more than anywhere, the noble art of doing what is right has long been sacrificed an the altar of staying on power to tell us what we think is best for us.

Let's call it 3F's - Fab Failure Funding

Guardian - Merrill Lynch, the firm lost $8bn and the chief executive had to go - with $159m

What floats your boat?

It is billed as a dilemma - How much greener are ships than planes?

I guess we can soon expect to see sea miles added to the book attached to the packaging as the responsibility is dumped, pointlessly, on us at point of purchase.

Leftover policies

It's one of those things where you can't help but agree, but equally have to wonder what the heck is going to happen if 'the Man' decides to get involved: Watching your waste

I just hope to heck we don't get subjected to some multi-million £ piece of pointless ad campaigning (shoot, I just read on. We are) where the money could be so easily, and effectively, be applied elsewhere.

I think we have to think laterally.

Speaking personally on a family issue, we are looking at reducing waste still further on a money and health basis. At the moment, we do still waste a portion, but it's mainly the kids, and that then gets consumed by yours truly either on the spot or the next day. I'm not getting any thinner.

One area we are looking at portions a lot more closely. The other month my godmother gave* me a piece of wood with four holes in it to measure 1-4 portions of spaghetti. Works a treat.

ADDENDUM - Just finished a lunch comprised mainly of what the boys didn't eat last night. I'm not sure a governminted campaign, a couple of slots on the BBC news and the nice lady from Good Housekeeping saying it's what Granny used to do is going to swing them much. But we can hope.

Meanwhile I have been asked for a piccy of Aunty's SpagScale. I reminded me that I spend too much time talking and not enough doing. So it's up on this blog now, with a link to the site with instructions (well, drill a hole in a plank... D'uh).

*I fibbed a bit. She gave me 'the plan', a utensil rubbing of her fancy effort. And it only had 3 holes. Sorry. If you can do the maths I'm sure you can do one for any number. I'm guessing 40mm for four, and there's bound to me some whizzo numb3rs way to plot it.