Friday, August 08, 2008

Bad Dragon's breath

Boo hiss.

Peter Hopton, Very PC interview

I have not seen the actual show (gave up watching ages ago, when I got booted in the auditions for seeing clean through the set-up but not being smart enough to hide the fact I was only interested in PR exposure - mind you they can edit any negative stuff that shows them up out).

What I have read is a few reviews by folk who know a bit about VCs, as well as the actual technology, and by all accounts not only are the Dragons a bunch of egoistical bullies (like we hadn't sussed that) dancing to the tune of a ratings-obsessed medium (nice one, BBC) at the expense of quality programming, they, and especially 'byte-me' guru Peter Jones, apparently were not quite as acronymically on top of IT as they thought. And to cover this up (if they knew), the best solution was to but the boot in.

I don't know which is the more sad. The people involved (from these iconic business 'stars' to Evan Davis and the outfits he works for, or the national culture that has given rise to them.

Makes you proud to be a UK-based eco-entrepreneur.

Businesszone - Dragons' Den episode three: Lessons learned

Oh, for heaven's sake.

This is as relevant to business as my Dad getting excited at a 70s Jackie Pallow vs. Mick MacManus wrestling match being 'unfair'.

It is entertainment, pure and simple, successfully aiming at the rules of the Coliseum to get ratings.

The only wonder is that these 'successful' business folk have sold their souls so easily just to be the right side of a very nasty one-sided exchange.

I gave up ages ago when the BBC News trumpeted some eco-effort that 'was the only one that had all 5 Dragon's applauding and wanting to invest', with acres of free national PR to help it along.

Only thing was, despite it all, no one seems to have bothered to ask, or cared, before, during or until much later what the IP was.

Quietly shelved; job done for all parties concerned. Except for any accurate reflection of how business works or how partnerships are forged.

Does anyone serious, seriously think anyone with a great idea and all the numbers is going to accept chump change (that might buy a director for 3 months or a 1/2 page in a tabloid) from some bozo who has not shown any real evidence of what else they can bring to the table bar the support of our national, commercial-free broadcaster?

What's the successful hit rate?

All I can recall is Reggae-reggae sauce, and while big up to the lad who came up with it and played the 'any publicity' card well, I rather suspect major retailers might not have been so keen to offer rack-space without a full crew from Aunty showing lots of logo love and boardroom-level furrowed brows for weeks afterwards.

As that other inspirational titan of the pinstripe suit, Siralun, might say: 'Do us a favour!'

I cannot tell a lie: He did it!

Survey: Should outsourced CO2 count?

Love it. 'Outsourced Co2' indeed. You'll be saying they'll be trading it next.

Sorry, almost every survey I am sent/get confronted with leaves me seeking an option usually not there.

'Should an iPod’s pollution be counted as Apple’s or China’s?'

Er... both? That way the company and the country can be held to account for the stuff going into the global atmospheric pot. Anything else would suggest all sorts of neat ways to shunt a problem out of line of sight, not that anyone would dream...

Win win?

There have been a few today (except, possibly, the planet*).

Scargill challenging (no hyperbolic headline grabbing there) Monbiot to go into respective rooms full of Co2 and radioactive waste.

And in some sort of luvvie melt-down of the Guardian pages' favourite sons and daughters, Monbiot having a go at Burchill.

I'd rather be a hypocrite than a cynic like Julie Burchill

'Handbags', or should it be 'book launches at dawn''.

I'm just trying to get my understanding of English sorted, especially when it come to matters environmental.

A cynic is, generously, one who might have a questioning attitude expressed in a not altogether 'nice' way, or, at worst , 'suggests a disbelief in the sincerity of human motives':

Which would seem not altogether unreasonable when dealing with, say, 'a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc.', or.... 'that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs'.

Tough call. A person with a cranked eyebrow at all they are supposed to swallow, or one who effectively says one thing but does another.

The planet breathes easier in such company, I am sure.

Where will it end? In tears, I fear. Especially when class is brought in for good measure.

*George Monbiot won the day in tussle with Julie Burchill

Telling. Outside a rather insulated bubble quite far from where I live, I am not sure who 'won' or not, Mr. White, but I rather suspect my kids' futures on this planet were net losers. Hope you all got what you needed from the exchange.

Personally I'd leave environmental commentary to people who do care and actually DO positive stuff than endlessly count debating points. But I thought your contribution to this morning's piece of Dear Leader's fitness to govern regime was cutting edge. Keep up the good work in the BBC studio next door. They do have space to fill, as you say. Mind you, what they choose to fill it with... Might one ask why such a critical debate is booked between two sound bite extremes and not any who may bring rational information and even decently subjective debate to the table. That's rhetorical. All any of you in the media want... need... are addicted to... is ratings. Which is how you are measured and make your money. Mind you, when it comes to the other 'green' that gets sampled as an issue on occasion, what can... do you all spent it on?

Telegraph - Class will matter more, not less -

Gaurdian - NEW - Old King Coal is a brave old soul, but he is talking utter nonsense - I'll post it, but can muster little interest to read or comment on what now seems personality-driven issues. Coming soon: Eco-'celebrity' mudslinging tag team action... the DVD, book and world (while it lasts, but might as well make some serious dosh on the back of its demise) tour!
Dire. Meanwhile, elsewhere, there might be some actually quietly working away on DOING positive, proactive things that might make a difference.


Not really worth adding to the Hydrogen category (but it will be linked via Labels), I add this for the glimmer that enviROI and even ROI is getting an airing.

Boris: no more energy for sustainability?

Not by the activists and the media that support them, of course, but the beauty of the blogging system is that casually thrown out rallying cries can now be challenged to support the practicalities behind the headlines.