Friday, October 30, 2009


A new one that looks to be topical. As always, share and share alike.


The Register - Brown gov will make 'big commitment' to carbon capture - Big as in small - Nowt like backing a winner!

Greenbang - Carbon capture as much use a chocolate teapot: Greenpeace - Bless

Guardian - Can technology save the climate?

Indy - UK's climate change plans incoherent, says scientist - Oi, Gordon, I think a tabloid has another plastic bag opp for you to devote your energies to.

Greenbang - Think tank gives roadmap for carbon capture in the UK - So the technology is sound...phew. It's just how it gets specified, used, subsidised, traded and all round abused by the cabal of dodgy pols and venal corporates after a quick target-tick and/or short-term £reebie that are the problem.

So I can see all that changing right away. Not.

Gizmag - Carbon Capture: a bridging technology too far?

Guardian - Wicks: All is lost on global warming without clean coal - Feeling secure, are we?

Times - How carbon capture and storage (CCS) could make coal the fuel of the future - Ah, 'could' it?

Greenbang - Is carbon storage really all good? -

FT - EU split on carbon capture intensifies

Guardian - Live Q&A: George Monbiot on clean coal - While I might query the 'leading green commentator' bit, it's a debate, and may be worth following.

FT - The carbon-capture challenge

FT - NEW - Carbon capture and storage in very, very expensive shock


A new day, a new website


I'll share it, despite it still seeming to think Freecycle is the only swap site in town and knowing all about (and kindly promoting if not in the best section) reuse and's role for years. Lord knows how much will be ploughed into 'promoting' this one.

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs - E&EO


We are all being urged to rethink our approach to waste, in a new campaign launched by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) today.

The new campaign, part of the Government’s Act On CO2 campaign, looks at everything from food waste to furniture recycling and encourages consumers to ‘Remember. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’

A new website offering tips and advice to consumers on making better use of the things we all too often put straight in the bin or take to the dump, also launches today at

Research published recently by Defra showed that an additional 500,000 tonnes of household waste could be saved from landfill by doing more to reuse it or find another home for it. And if every household in the EU recycled one electrical or electronic item such as a mobile phone or iPod, 73,000 tonnes could be diverted from landfill – the same as 9,500 round the world flights.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said:

“I set out recently what the Government will do to help the country on its path to becoming a zero waste nation. Making better use of everything around us will really help us to tackle the impact our waste has on climate change, and save us money too. That’s why our campaign is encouraging everyone to rethink what they might think of as ‘waste’ and ‘recycling’ – we can all do things like put our old sofa on Freecycle rather than taking it to the dump, or recycle our old mobile if we get a new one.”

On balance, probably best left without comment

Exaggerated claims undermine drive to cut emissions, scientists warn