Monday, July 14, 2008

Papa don't preach...

Pope to preach on climate change

‘The Pope has told reporters while flying to Australia … that people need to be spurred into changing their lifestyles because of climate change.’

LOL. Subtle, guys!

Eight new nuclear plants to be built

That's the story as told by the Telegraph over the weekend.

I can remember Ol' Golden's pronouncement on the move to use an enhanced nuclear capability as part of the overall plan to reduce the UK's carbon emissions. However, I can also remember the promise that there would be a large public consultation before any plans were agreed and before any building program might commence. Hmmmm, it all rather smacks of a 'done deal' now.

Oh well, at least the cabinet seem to have something practical to do now - "Ministers are to build eight new nuclear power stations across England"

I hope I'm not in the vicinity when the new plants get commissioned!