Monday, July 04, 2005


Back from camp. With dignity, and possibly a couple of ribs, sorely compromised. And blogwise, the pressure's on! Not one week and I have faltered. I was going to miss today as well, but fortunately I had one up my sleeve for just such an eventuality...

Now that I have gone to the blog side, I'd like to give a big up to the chap who eventually turned the nagging of others and my consequent dormant thoughts into action. I met Lloyd Davies of Perfect Path at Internet World, where we were exhibiting, and he was speaking, surprisingly enough, about Blogs. I was inspired by his talk, we me t..yadayada.. the rest is history. Time will tell whether this was a good thing. I notice he's the first 'respondee', and I'm already being monitored on an aggregator, whatever that is. I think he said I needed one. My PR also has also sweetly advised she's keeping an eye out. So far, I'm ok, though Lloyd wants me to tilt at many windmills (and there are many that need a good tilting at). But at our stage of development there are those who you need onside more than off. So I'm already walking a fine line between. With almost no power it seems there is still great responsibility. Just ask any guy put in charge of 5 Cub Scouts for the weekend.